Monday, April 29, 2013

"Whats that Noise"

Hello Everyone!
Sounds like such an exciting week. How I wish I could be there! Brooklynn is so cute! I love her so much..and I have never even met her! Send lots of pictures!!!

This week has been a pretty exciting and busy week for me. A lot has been going on. We have talked to so many people. A lot of return appointments. And we even started teaching three new investigators.

I finally made it onto someone's Facebook page! Haha We went to go contact a referral from a member. I don't even remember what her name is. We knocked on the door, in a matter of seconds someone opened the door. She look at us rolled her eyes and said “NO! I am not interested!” She slammed the door. Started yelling some not so nice words. Well later in the week we went to dinner with the members that told us to go visit this lady. They said that she had vented about us on Facebook. I guess that is a goal I can cross off the list ;)
I hope you had a great birthday Dad. Next year I will be home to celebrate your 50th!! :D I was really hoping Brooklynn would come on Monday so that I would not have to wait another week to see pictures. I am just really glad I don't have to wait again!

I guess Tuesday was our only slow day. We had dinner with a member, Courtney. She is so great. She has been a member for almost two years. The gospel has helped turn her life around. We did a lot of knocking and contacting people on Tuesday. Just another day as a missionary.

We had exchanges on Wednesday. Sister Miehe (from Hampton) and I worked here in Saint John. We had a lot of fun, and worked really hard. All of our lessons fell through that day, except for our dinner appointment. We had dinner with Sister Raeburn. Sister Raeburn owns a hostel here in Saint John. She has people in her home from all over the world. Right now she has a young girl, Gabrielle, living with here. Gabrielle is going to school, so should be around for a while. We did not get to meet Gabrielle, but she is interested in coming to church and learning more about the church. We are excited to meet her...hopefully soon!! Well we exchanged back on Wednesday night.

Well I think Thursday was one of our busiest days of the week. We had an appointment with Holly. I love her. She is so great. We get to see her almost every week.  And then there are people like Lisa.  We taught Lisa The Plan of Salvation. She loved it. I think this is one of the lessons that I love to teach the most. “It just makes sense” is what everyone always tells us. Watching someone learn about the Plan of Salvation for the first time is amazing. Their face lights up, they now have a reason and purpose in this life. They now have something to work toward. “IT JUST MAKES SENSE.” I learn something new every time I teach a lesson. I always walk away from a lesson having greater understanding for it. I have learned so much about the plan of salvation...more the plan that my Heavenly Father has for me. The things that he wants me to do and the person he wants me to become. It is all beginning to make MORE sense. Well we went knocking on Thursday night. We started knocking Ready Street. After about the 5th house where no one was answering the door, we decided we needed to go to another street. So we went to Charles Street. Well we started knocking, not finding too much more success than we did on Ready Street. But something told us to keep going. I have to tell you that a lot of the houses here have weird entry ways. Some houses you are suppose to go in the first door and knock on the second and then other houses you are suppose to knock on the first door. So we really never know what to do. So we standing at this house. We looked in the window and there was a door at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. We did not know if we should go in or knock on the outside door. So we stood there for a second when this lady from up stairs yells down to us from the window. We start talking to her and she tells us to come up. Her name is Erika. She is a full time mom. She is about 30 years old. And lives with her 4 year old daughter and boyfriend. She says that she has been looking for a church to go to. She was raised Catholic, but has not been for a long time and does not really even know what they believe. She is very interested in learning. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her, and before we even asked her to read it she says “well I will be reading this tonight!” How great!! We taught her more about the Restoration of the Gospel. She loved it! We asked her to be baptized and she said yes. So she is now preparing for baptism on May 18th. Oh almost forgot to tell you that we moved Lisa's baptism date to May 11th. She is so ready, all she needs to do is finish the lessons and keep coming to church! Well we finished up at Erika's and had to drive to Hampton to spend the night.

Mission Tour with William R. Walker of the 70. He is on the Temple and Family History Committee. Such an amazing man. We had to wake up at 5:30 to drive to Moncton on Friday morning. We had a training from Elder Walker until 4. Then we had to drive back to Saint John for a dinner appointment at 6. That's all after last weekend when we had to wake up at 3:30 to drive to Fredrickton for stake conference. Can I just tell you that when I get home I will be sleeping for about a week...strait!!! But it is always well worth it. I learned so much from Elder Walker. He talked a lot more about what to do after the mission than he did about what to do while on the mission. Scary thought! The mission is never really going to it? Not in 6 months...Maybe closer to 8 ;) Well after being trained on what to do after the mission I no longer need to think about it! I wrote everything down, so I can refer to it when I am home. In one ear out the other.
Friday night finally excited I was to go to bed! I was exhausted!! We finished our planning for the next day and our heads hit the pillows. I am pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit my pillow. Well for some reason I sat up in the middle of the night “something was not quite right” I looked at the phone..midnight!! “Great! 6 ½ more hours to sleep!!” was my first thought. Remember that I was really tired. As I was looking at the phone Sister Sandberg yells from across the room, “Turn off the alarm” the alarm was not going off. I put the phone back and tried to lay down to go back to sleep. Sister Sandberg says “whats that noise?” I replied that it was probably the pipes or something. (the pipes in our apartment are always making weird and loud noises.) After saying this I sit up and say whats that noise. We both jump out of bed. Head for the door of the apartment, open to find out that the fire alarm in the building is going off. We look out and see people leaving. So what do we do? First grab our name tags?! Of all things...thats what we grab first! Then the keys and the phone. Then a jacket. Then shoes. We are out the door in a matter of seconds. I did not even grab my I am pretty much blind. Well we go stand out side with everyone...then we realized that they are drunk. So we decide to go sit in the car. (after all we are out past curfew ;) We sent a text to our District leader to let him know that we were out and what was going on. About 15 min later the fire department shows up. They go in and check everything out. They get back into the truck and leave. I guess the party down stairs got a little too out of control. Well only 45 min later we are back in bed ready to go back to sleep. Well about 5 in the morning we get a phone call. Haha Elder Prince calls to make sure everything is ok. Then we go back to bed...again!! What a great night!! I just want to sleep!!!

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. We got to see Ester and the girls. They are so great! I just love them!! We also taught Erika. She is still doing great. She still wants to learn. We talked about the plan of salvation. She also wanted to know what our belief on marriage. We talked about families forever and asked if she wanted that? She agreed that she did. This was one of the most amazing lessons that I have ever been in. As we were talking about the temple. I said “if it is your desire to be baptized and your boyfriend also wants to learn and be baptized. In one year You can enter the temple with your family and be sealed for all of time and eternity” In my mind I saw them at the temple..dressed in white. Being sealed to one another. How amazing. We are always told to envision our investigators at the temple, but this time it was so real. They will one day go to the temple as a family. I know this. As long as they make the right choices.

I still love Sundays!! Lisa and her boyfriend came to church!! So great. We are going to start teach her boyfriend this week. The Elders called us last night and told us that they just found us 2 new investigators. The week just keeps getting better and better. This is going to be a great week!!

So I just read Bobby's email. Did not realize that we get to call home so soon. I am getting very excited!


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