Monday, October 28, 2013

Talking to Trees.......

Hello everyone! 
How is it going this week? Wow I can not believe that another week has gone by! So fast, I mean I cant even remember what we did.... oh ya on Monday I said we were going to central market to buy food stuffs, it was very funny with my companion because he has never seen anything like it. A total culture shock for him! (i did not have the culture shock that bad because of our trip to Mexico). While we were walking around I was watching him and I could see his mind racing trying to see what was going on and take in every thing.(I will add some pictures of what we saw)
Tuesday was a normal day, district meeting and just a normal teaching day.
Wednesday  we were only able to have 2 lessons because some of our investigators were not able to learn with us so we walked around trying to find people to teach.
Thursday we had one good lesson with a man that makes a traditional cloth called kente. We talked to him about the restoration and had a very good lesson with him. The rest of the day was spent finding people (we are trying to build our teaching pool) We did find some people, even a member that did not know where the church was. She said that she had gone out that day trying to find one of 2 things, the church, or the missionaries. And after searching she came home disappointed.... and then we walked past, we talked to her for a little bit and even invited her to institute that same evening. She was very happy to find us. She had just moved up from Cape Coast and did not know anyone. God answers prayers!!  Also, just after finding her we had a lesson with a man named Bernard and he is a hippie. He was talking to me and my companion about how the trees talk to him and stuff like that. It was crazy but very funny.
Friday we had some good lessons gave some baptismal dates and just had a very good day. Some of our investigators I just love so much and I wait for the day we get to teach them.
Saturday was disappointing... we had one lesson with an investigator that wants to come to church but does not want to be baptized. I am confused of what to do with him. The rest of our day we spent trying to find more people but it did not work.
Sunday we had a great day. At church we had some good investigators come to church as well. One of whom wanted us to come and see her after church, so after church we tried to find her house ( i had never been to her house before she is a new investigator) After calling her many times we finally got to her house. It took us about 20 min drive to find her on the side of the road. And after we found her it was a 30 min walk to her house. she lives right on the edge of our area. We had a very good lesson with her and gave her a baptismal date for November 10th. She was investigating the church before but had to stop due to school but now she is back and wants to be baptized!  
Today we are just emailing and then going home and taking a short nap and then going to see a few investigators. This week has been great, we found 6 new investigators and hopefully more this coming week.  
I love you all and I hope you have a good week 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle
ps enjoy the pictures of central market 

mmm...mmm..mmmm GOOD!!!

Central market

These are the people we are teaching

Elder Kaufusi and Elder Riddle

Look how green it is...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Loss of Hamburgers!!!

This week has been great!!! 

How has everything been? Anything fun going on this week?

This week we have been working a lot, looking for new investigators and spending time with our investigators that have baptismal dates. We are having success.... we are working hard and our goal for this next week is to contact more people and find more investigators.

I have been sitting here trying to come up with something cool to tell you, but I cant even think of anything.... the people we are teaching are also trying to teach my companion Twi.  He is picking it up a lot faster than I did. He has a great brain.... but it is very funny when I am having a conversation in twi (yes a Real and full Conversation)  he is just looking around trying to figure out what is going on... very funny....he is lost most of the time but I don't care because he is new.  He will catch on.

I can not really focus right now, that is why I am jumping around form topic to topic. My mind is going so fast and I dont know why...maybe its because of the loss of hamburgers? hahaha  I don't know.

This week we have a goal to go and find more investigators in an area we don't go to a lot.  We are hoping there are more people to talk to there.

Well I can't think of anything else to say so....... have a good week hopefully I will have more to say next week.....
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

Elder Kaufusi And Bobby

Bobby is training Elder Kaufusi.  He is from Roosevelt Utah.
He is really excited to be his trainer.  He said he is a really strong young man,
and that he is only 18.  He told us that he is excited to learn from him.

Monday, October 14, 2013 in fresh or green!

Good morning to you all! 
How has your week been? Sounds like there are plenty of things going on back home... trips to St. George, taking school tests, fall break, and making apple cider. Wow sounds fun. 

Well my life this week has been busy. We have been going from house to house all week, not doing missionary work but getting fed by members and investigators. Boy will people here kill you with food. We have not been doing much missionary work this week because my companion wanted to go and see all of the people in the ward and say good bye.  He is at the mission home right now and I am in a 3 sum with the District leader and his companion (who are also in our apartment). I will be getting my NEW companion tomorrow afternoon... yes, I said NEW, as in fresh or green. I am going to be training AGAIN!!! But, thats what I was guessing because this is the biggest group we have going and coming. I think 18 missionaries going home and 15 or so coming. I will find out who I am training tomorrow.
So the pictures I sent to most of you, I dont remember if I sent them to all of the same people I am sending this email to, but if you did not get pictures I am sorry!  but any who....   yesterday there was an investigator that wanted to feed all 4 of us missionaries and we came a little early so the food was not yet ready so we helped her cook a little (pounding the fufu) and sat on their couch, and I also played with their 5 year old daughter, we played tag and I forgot how long 5 year olds can play tag... we played for 30 min strait and she wanted to play more!!!! it was very fun to say the least.
Well I dont have much else to say, But I am loving my time in Ghana. Even if I do go home every night  with wet feet because of the rain. But its all good!!
Love you all! 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 
Good Bye to Elder Leishman (bobby says he (bobby) is not the white one)

Traditional Cloth in Ghana

Waiting for an Investigator to feed us "food" for Elder
Leishmans last Meal in Ghana
Still Waiting........

........and waiting!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Crazy Rain!

Hello everyone 

How are things going? I hope you all had a good week watching conference and all!!! I wont get to see it until next month or so but I heard about the 15 million members thats crazy. But it also makes me think how many of those are less active or inactive? But still 15 million!!! the church is true!!!

This week we had our zone conference and it was cool. President Holmes mostly talked about sharing powerful testimonies with our investigators not just saying "i know that what my companion has said is true"  He wants us to think about what we do know is true and expound on that and tell our investigators that we KNOW that it is true. It was a powerful conference.

This week has been normal... not to many lessons.  But we are keeping two of our investigators on track for baptism on the 27th. I can not wait until that day!

Funny story yesterday (Sunday) we went on splits with some college students in our ward so we could teach more people. And when we finished our splits we met back at the apartment to eat something to brake our fast and while we were eating it started Raining.... now this rain is not Utah rain.... its crazy rain. The best way I can explain  it is by using the example of the flood gate on a dam!!! All that water falling from the sky!  And it rained the entire night so we had two ward missionaries stay over with us.   Funny Right?

Well I am doing great. Everything is going good!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

Couple of pictures of our P-Day