Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last email from MTC..........we think!

April 29, 2012

Hey I am sending you all letters before I leave the MTC, so this email is just to let you know I am ok and doing good. Dad, I think I am going to send the SD card home with the letters the only Internet I can get is the mail. I can't go to that sight. Do you think that is a good idea? When you get it send it back and also the one that has all my pictures on it. (the one i gave to you will you send both of them back to me when you get my mail). I leave the MTC on May 2nd. It has been a long hard 2 weeks but i have done it. In a couple days I will have a Sr. Companion and he will teach me how to teach. If you know what I mean. I am sending only a couple pictures. But when you get my letters there will be the sd card. Your letters will be longer than this email. Let me know how you are all doing. I wrote Elder Tribe a letter to day and gave it to the President. He comes in the day after I leave so I thought I would give him some help with stuff I have learned.

Lover Elder Riddle (bob)

These photos are of the! I think one of them is chicken and something, another is spaghetti, hot dogs I know were for breakfast. An the Elder is in his district. No name who by the way looks thrilled!
He also sent a couple more picture of himself and other Elders.
FOOD from the MTC!!  Is that a Fish Head?

Left: Bobby and his District. Right: Bobby and Elder Baird from Preston Idaho.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Leaving MTC

Its been an ok week at the MTC. I just thought I would tell you when I leave.  I leave on May 2nd. There are 6 of us going to the Cape Coast Mission, one of them is a sister.   I just want you to know I love this gospel. I have learned so much in the past 2 weeks. I love learning about the scriptures. Prayer is a big thing in my life right now and I have a testimony that God really does hear our prayers and does bless our lives. I love you all, thanks for your support.
Love you
Elder Riddle (bob)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rachele Shopping for Mission

Missionary Mall...not such good deals!
Finding Clothes........

......and more.......
......and more.......

Michaela being patient for once.

Mrs. Impatient

Monday, April 23, 2012

And the most recent......

Hello Family
Just another day here in Ghana. We had our Sacrament today and the spirit was there. I had to give a talk in church and it ended up just me bearing my testimony. I ate one packet of my oreos:) it was a grand time, a great gift from my family. I am leaving the peanut butter and honey for later. How are you guys doing?  Thank you all for the emails and letting me know you love me. Dad talk to Kenny, Scotts brother at work and have him teach you the hand shake they use over here in Ghana. Its pretty cool. I cant get all the pictures to upload to the email because the files are to big I might just need to send the sd card home but I will let you know if/when I do what do you want me to do? Sorry I have not taken any pictures of the food its kind of hard to remember to take my camera with me everywhere. I talked to the MTC President he thinks my-self and Elder Baird are great Elders and he understand what we are going thru. His wife was in America last week, and this week she went to a wedding in Disney world, so not fair. Elder Baird and I have become very good friends. Yesterday we were talking and Bear Lake came up and we both said that one thing we are going to miss is Raspberry Days. :). Our Mission President is coming on Monday to visit. They are going to stay for a couple days, I think.  Let everyone know I love them and that their prayers really do help. Thank you for you love and support I love you everything you have all done and are still doing for me today.       
Love Elder Riddle     
Write me back. I was told I will have email most of my mission. They keep the white missionaries down south because we can't understand the language they speak up north. So I will be a little more civilized were I am.   And I also learned that the have Internet cafes that we can use everywhere in Cape Coast. Once again I love you all.  Elder Riddle  (Bob)

Here are a few photos he sent us

Elder Riddle in front of the Ghana Temple

Elder Riddle in Front of Ghana MTC
Elder Baird (Preston Idaho) at Ghana MTC
(He and Bobby left SLC together)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st real letter while at the MTC!

Well to start off we went to the Temple today it was an amazing trip. Its about an hour ride into the city but when we got there most of the Elders had not been through the temple. So 5 Elders and myself went and did sealings while we waited, and can I say what an experiance. The spirit was very strong and it helped grow my testimony about families.  Anyway... how are you guys doing with out your favorite child there? ha As you know its hard for me to understand the Africans English but it is getting better. Well here at the MTC we have Elders from all over Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d' Ivories, South Africa, Serra Leone, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Togo, Madagascar, and the Republic of Congo. My companion is Elder Oodoh he is an ok kid.  The food, did I tell you about it? Mostly rice and some kind of meat or fish. And the fish is the entire fish. not appetizing!
Oh ya, before I forget, Elder Baird he is an amazing kid. He is from Preston Idaho(Logan). He has an amazing testimony that makes me strive to do better. I met my Mission President yesterday. From what I know he is a great man. Don't worry about me when I leave the MTC, I will be riding with President and Sister Shulz. Also, The ''pouch letters'' you can use an envelope to mail you just need my address do you have it?   thanks for the letters.
Do you want me to email photos or send the SD card when I leave the MTC?
Well I have to go, love you tons thanks for your support 

Elder Riddle  
Love you guys

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Elder.....what language are those people speaking?"

We heard from Elder Riddle this weekend.  Apparently, ether Bobby is sneaking into the MTC Presidents office to send email, or they have a computer lab set up.  We were informed that the MTC had no computers long before he left.  But things can change. I had to laugh when we got his email,  He said that he is having a hard time understanding what the Africans are saying.  It reminded me of the movie "The Best Two Years" when one new missionary hears Dutch for the first time and asked his companion what language that was. He said that is not the language he was taught at the MTC.   Everything is going good for him.  Sounds like he is just getting settled in, and being kept busy.  I know it has only been a few days, but he said that he has not been outside yet except for the drive to the MTC from the airport.  He said the food so far is good.  Mostly rice, with chicken or fish.  But they did have spaghetti for one meal.  We hope to hear more from him on Tuesday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Safely with the "MORMONS"

Hello Riddle Family
I am in Ghana safely. Mom the Mormons have me. Everything is doing alright. The airplane ride was long but I slept most of the way. However, while we were waiting for our flight to Ghana I did give a Book of Mormon to a young lady from Brazil. She was a new convert and noticed our name tags. She just needed a book in English. Well this is just a quick email to say I am safe. I will write you soon. Love you - Bob (Elder Riddle) 

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tracking the Flight

We found a cool app from Delta that allowed us to actually see where the plane is.

Over Kansas,  Over Alabama,  Just about to Atlanta, Atlantic Ocean, West Coast of Africa, TOUCHDOWN!! We don't know if he was on the plane or not, but the plane landed safely.

"I will go, I Will Do"

Today is the day that Bobby (Elder Riddle) left.  It was one of the most happiest/saddest days of our lives so far...and we still have one more if 3 months.  It was a great day.  Nervous for him but excited for the growth and service he will get out of it.

What would you do without GREAT Friends!

Mic always keeping us happy,  she is walking backwards down the
People Mover.

Checking bags.  Only had to move 1 item to get 50lb each bag.

The weigh in.

Nervous Dad giving last minute instructions.  (like he knows
what he is doing)

All Rhet to go!

The night before Bob gave Mic his phone............

Go up so Bob can go through security

Mom hopes this is not Bobby in Atlanta or Ghana airpot.

Called to Serve.......Make it the best two years bud!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rachele's 1st Time to the Temple

Ok, So it is not a picture of Rachele at the Temple for the first time....I screwed up.  We had a great day at the Temple. Lori, Myself, Bobby, and My Mom and Dad were there.  We even took pictures to prove it.  But someone (who will remain anonymous) forgot to put the SD card back into the Camera....Thanks Bob.  Anyhow, next time Rachele is in her church clothes I will take her back up there and get pictures.

There...thats better!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The "Official" "Unofficial" Farewell Day! Easter Sunday

Today I saw the transformation right before my eyes.  I saw Bobby go from someone who was going on a mission to someone who truly desired to serve the Lord.

Bob and Michaela
Kelsey, Bob

Lori, Bob, Mike

Rachele, Bob

Bob and Tingey Family

Bob hiding Easter Eggs
for all the Kids

Someone brought a cake for Bob!
Everyone on Both Sides
of the Family Plus Friends
Where would we be
without Friends?
The Twins
Bob and the Steve Maughan Family
Bob and the Steve Maughan Family
And Craig
Bob and the Nichols Family
Bob and the Jeff Riddle Family

Bob and the McKenna's

Bob and the Rod Riddle Family

Bob and the Brian Riddle Family

"The Boys"
Jeanea trying not to be left out
Bob and the Jason Maughan

Bob's Second Family "The Larson's"
Bob, Nick, Kaylee, Amanda
Bob and Grandma and Grandpa

Bob and Grandma and Grandpa
Bob, Kaylee, Rachel
Nick, Bob, Mike

Nick and Amanda