Monday, January 27, 2014 Cards

Hey guys how are things going?
Well for me things are going a lot better because I HAVE A COMPANION!!!!  His name is Elder Seyoum he is from Virginia very sweet guy, his mom and dad are from eastern Africa.
So Elder Seyoum and I have been working very hard trying to find people and let me tell you, there are very prepared people in this area this week. We have given 4 baptismal dates for February 2,9,and 23. and this week we are going to be giving another 4 dates! Man people are prepared.  So the people we gave dates to are Alex he is a student at KNUST, Emmanuel he just finished his schooling down in cape coast, Pat... she still has not been baptized but this next Sunday is her day, and Isaac he was a random contact. We met him smoking on the side of the road and taught him the word of wisdom and he accepted it!!!  
We have found a new way of contacting... we have been going  to the student appartments and hanging up cards on the bulletin boards and it works....its been helping us in the work.

Thats all from me love you all

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

ps 9 weeks left but whos counting 

Monday, January 20, 2014

How is everything going????  Well this week has been funny. Yesterday my companion went to Accra! He is trying to get a job at the MTC...  um... so right now I don't have a companion!!! Even when we told the Mission President that my companion had to go to Accra all he told me was well, try and FIND a companion!   THIS TRANSFER IS NOT A GOOD ONE!   When have you ever heard of a missionary finding his own companion?  Honestly, I dont think my companion is going to come back. He will probably get the job and stay in accra. So, I have know idea who is my next companion!!!!   
Well, besides the fact that I dont have a companion, things are going good well for the most part.  On Sunday we were going to have pats baptism but the women she is staying with forbade her to come to church... so that just destroyed my week. But, I am looking on the up side, we have plenty of new investigators coming in to our teaching pool who are excited about the gospel...
Well thats about it for me! Sorry, no cool stories this week. I just realized I will only be emailing home 9 more times     WOW!  
love you all 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Its cool to see how God prepares people

Oh this week has been hard!
There is a reason we preach the gospel 2 by 2!!!!!   This past week I have been with a ward missionary who is preparing for his mission. He does not understand how the missionary lessons are laid out. Which  means I taught all the lessons... not fun. But, he is a cool kid. He is going to South Africa.  Now this week, I am with a stake missionary. His name is Elder Boadi he served his mission in Ivory Coast. He got home about a month or so ago. I will only be with him for 6 weeks, well 5 now. But then I will be with a normal missionary again. 

This week we had a cool experience. We were able to contact a new investigator that is schooling at the university. He has been prepared for about 2 years. He was contacted by some missionaries in Sunyani, but for some reason they were never able to meet up. He was doing his own research and found the church web sites and even started listening to the Mormon tab. Then about 2 weeks ago he was again contacted by the missionaries. He then came to Kumasi for school. He has a desire to know the truth. He has a baptismal date and he is coming to church. Its cool to see how God prepares people.  (it may have been me that contacted him 2 years ago I can't remember)

Well thats all I Have for you guys this week. Pictures are coming! 
From ghana with love 
Elder Riddle 

ps never mind the computer is to slow to up load pictures.... sorry, maybe next week 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Crazy Transfer News!

Hello everyone!!!! 
how are things going?
I have some crazy news for you all.. so this week we got our transfer news for the transfer next week...Elder Kaufusi is being transferred to a place called Nkwakwa (n-ko-ko).  As for me, I am staying in my area. The funny part is that from Wednesday to Saturday Ii am going to be with a ward missionary. And then on Saturday I am going to be with a stake missionary the rest of the transfer.. honestly I am very confused right now. I dont know what to do with a stake missionary? Oh well, I will just go with the punches!
This week has been great! We had our baptism and conformation this week.... it was great! 
We found a new investigator this week named Faustina. She has a baptismal date on Jan 26 and she is very excited. Thats about the only interesting news I have today.
Ya, i got nothing else... this week was dull some how.  Nothing really interesting has happened
sorry about no pictures i forgot my cord

From Ghana with Love

Elder Riddle

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas In Ghana 2013

I just talked to you guys but here I am again !!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!   I was expecting pictures of every ones Christmas gifts, but I guess not.

So something great has happened since I talked to you. We were talking to a member family at the church one day and they had all of their family there. We were asking them about their baptisms and we found out that most of them are just cousins to the family and have been baptized. But, we talked to one and found out he was not yet baptized. He said that he has come to church about 10 times. He has been at school so he could not be baptized. So, after figuring this out, we jumped on it and started teaching him. In our first lesson he told us he wants to be baptized before he goes back to school!! The hard part about this is that he is going back to school next week! So, we are teaching him everything this week and having a baptism on Saturday! Crazy! He is very smart, and he asked his Uncle for a Book of Mormon the first week he was living with him. He started reading it. We Don't even have to ask him to read he just does it.... its cool. So, we are having a baptism on Saturday and things are great 

From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle  

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Cleaning Bread Pans for Service Project on Christmas Day

Fresh Bread!