Our Two Missionaries- Who, Where, Why??

We are deeply blessed to have not one, but two of our children serving as missionaries at the same time. Bobby, who we knew (or hoped we knew) would serve a mission. But to our surprise, shortly after Bobby opened his mission call, Rachele announced to us that she wanted to serve also. This past Thanksgiving (2012) Bobby received his call to serve in the Ghana, Cape Coast Mission.(as of July1st 2012, Bobby will now be in the New Ghana, Kumasi Mission) He is to report to the Ghana MTC April 13th. He will be leaving the day before. 
On Feb 29th, Rachele received her call to serve in the Canada, Halifax Mission (Nova Scotia). She will be reporting to the Provo MTC July 5th. The two missions could not have been more opposite of each other. 
We set this blog up so that we could share with you their experiences and lessons that they will most undoubtedly have. We are excited to see them learn and grow. We are excited that along with there testimonies growing, that our testimonies will grow also. I am excited for them to be examples not only to the people they serve but also our family. I hope you enjoy! 

So I thought what I would do on this blog is put their letters and pictures in and just let them write their own blog. Of course they will not be doing the actual blogging, but through their letters and pictures they hopefully sends us, they will actually be telling us what they are doing. I will try and keep my dialog out of it as much as possible.

Robert Lloyd Riddle Serving April 2012-April 2014
I was going to try and go back several months and try and update as much as I could remember about getting Bobby's Call, But I decided that I would just start from today. Bobby is going to Ghana! Wow! The excitement has been nonstop since he first received his call over Thanksgiving. We have finally got all of his shopping done, except for a few minor things. He will be leaving in 17 days. The time has just flown by. I still view him as a 4 yr old ready to go bow hunting with me. Man it goes by fast. He has grown up and is ready to serve the Lord. I feel a little nervous for him. The unknown. But mostly I am excited for him. I know that he was called by God through a Prophet. I know that his call has a purpose for him and for the people he will be serving.

Rachele Riddle Serving July 2012-Jan 2014
Since Rachele just received her call a couple of weeks ago, I will try and keep updated on the goings on of her a little better than I did for Bobby. Rachele has been called to serve in the Canada, Halifax Mission. She is to report to the Provo MTC July 5th. We are all very excited for her to serve as a missionary. I know, that she also has been called of God through a Prophet today. I also know that her call is for her. I do not believe in coincidence. Her call was delayed almost two months, and I know that there was a reason for this. And it is her job to find out why. We have not done a lot for her as far as shopping goes, but we have plenty of time for that. She will be moving home the week that Bobby leaves. It will be good to have her home for a couple of months before she goes. Like Bobby, the time has cruised by. I had no idea until she told us that she wanted to serve a mission. That is just icing on the cake! She has always been close to the spirit. More tender hearted, and caring. She will be a great asset to our Heavenly Father and the Missionary work. Unlike Bobby, I am not as nervous for her as I am him. She has done a lot more traveling and been away more from home. And she has seen a little bit more of that "what do I expect when I get there" feeling.

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