Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to bake a cake in Ghana!

Hello everyone! 
Hey sorry for not a emailing yesterday..... here in Ghana they celebrate Easter almost all week. They start on Good Friday and end on Monday, so on Monday (yesterday) everyone took the day off so everything was closed. It is really weird for Tamale because everyone here is Muslim and they don't believe Christ died, so I don’t know why they took the day off. But, they did and the emailing cafes were closed.

hmm this week has been both good and bad... maybe I will start off with the bad so we can end on a good note. So Ruth, our most progressing investigator asked her dad if she could be baptized and he said no. That just sucked. But then I decided to be bold and call the dad and ask him why! We have taught him all of lesson 1 (the restoration) so as I was talking to him he was giving me the usual reasons why she could not be baptized, "oh we have our church already" that kind of stuff. But then I asked him "have you done your part to find out if our church is true? Have you read the Book of Mormon that we gave to you?  and he said he might. Maybe here in Ghana ALWAYS means NO. So I don’t know what to do now. 
The good news about this week... the zone leaders are trying to help Tamale get started faster so they have been going on splits with all the senior companions. This entire week Elder White and I have been on splits and we have been talking to every single person we see and talking to them about the church. If they are Muslim we would ask them, do you know where some Christians live and they would help us. So because of talking with everyone we found 13 new investigators and some have families that we have not met yet so this is going to add to our teaching pool so much. I think some of these investigators will be baptized. 

Yesterday was Elder Roach's Birthday so I decided to bake him a cake with the cake mix that you sent me for my birthday. But, there was a problem... we don’t have an oven! So, I had to get a little creative.... I got a big pot and put 3 rocks in the bottom of it then I put the cake mix in a small pot and put that small pot in to the big pot. Then a paper over the top of both of the pots to keep in the heat and then the lid to the big pot and then 2 bricks on top of the lid.   Yes, I know I am supper smart! (pictures will follow) and yes it worked... don’t doubt me.

Well it sounds like everyone had a supper good Easter. Mine was ok, I guess, nothing to exciting happened. But I think its funny that I gave my farewell talk 1 year ago its crazy. 

Well I think that is all I have for you guys this week. Enjoy General Conference, I won’t see it for a long time! And when I see it, I doubt I will see all the sessions.

love you all.
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 


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  1. I never new that Bobby had this type of cooking ingenuity in him!!