Monday, July 30, 2012

Arrived in Newfoundland on Saturday

Hello from Newfoundland!!!
Oh goodness, It has been a crazy week! I just got to my new area (Bay Roberts) on Saturday. The ferry was very long, but I got to sleep for most of it. It was like a very small cruise ship. Sister Rust and I got a cabin to sleep in...the poor elders had to sleep in what they call "air chairs" they are like chairs that you might find in first class on an airplane. Not fun to sleep in for 15 hours! My new companion is Sister Bentley. She is amazing. She is teaching me everything I need to know. She has been out for about 8 months and has been serving I think the past 3 months in Newfoundland. I have only had one real day of work in the field. Yesterday was a great day. Church is at 10 am, and sacrament meeting is only 50 min long haha. There are only about 20 people (including us and the senior couple) that attend the branch. after church we went out Knocking. SCARY!! I learned so much. The first door that I knocked on (after Sis. Bentley showed me how a few times) a young man answered the door his name is Frank. He invited us in, but as he was the only one home we gave him a very quick lesson at the entry way of his home. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he seems interested, but the only problem is that he was at his parents house. He is waiting for a job to return out to sea..working on an oil ship or something. So he does not plan to be here for more than a couple of days. We plan on stopping by sometime soon, and see if he is still there. 
My mission president and his wife are amazing people! President is very loving, and has a great sense of humor. I think it has been hard for some of the missionaries here, because they do not know him very well. They just said goodbye to the old president and are trying to gain a relationship with the new one. I was blessed to be able to get to know them, I got to stay 3 nights in their home. They took us to the temple on Wednesday. That was so neat. The temple is very small here. 
On Thursday we had transfers, most of the missionaries that I came in with left that day. 3 of us however had to wait and take the 15 hour farry to Newfoundland. President said that he tried to get us a flight over here, but it would have cost over $5000 for the three of us. The farry only cost about $600. He said it is some weird holiday or celibration right now. All of the missionaries here are very jealous that we got to take the ferry. They say that never happens. 
This week is going to be a great week. We are going knocking again tonight, and we are hoping to be able to teach Sheela (who we knocked into last night) sometime tonight. On Wednesday we are walking in a parade. Passing out flyers for a carnival (held on saturday) that the curch puts on every year here in Bay Roberts. We also have a zone meeting on wednesday. The Elders in St John's and the Sisters in Mt Pearl will be coming down to Bay Roberts for that. We also have Elders out in Corner Brook, but they wont be able to come down, it is a 8 hour drive. 
The apartment that we live in is said to be the nicest in the mission. It is the basement of a house that the senior couple lives in. The Romneys. They are amazing. Elder Romney kinda reminds me of Grandpa Robert. 
Oh yesterday at church..I dont think I have ever heard so much false doctrine being taught in a lesson!!! hahaha I guess if you only have about 11 adults attending, and most have only been members for no more than 8 years, I guess its what to expect. The Branch president pulled out some scripture out of Job, and decided to liken it to the spirit world. Elder Romney tried to set him straight, but he thinks a scripture in any context can give light on any subject. haha
I dont know what else I should say. I hope this is more information than Elder Riddle has given you :) Oh can you forward his emails to me? 
my address is 

PO Box # 1046
Bay Roberts, NL

Sometime soon if you get the chance mom will you send me those jackets, and my blanket? I guess it takes a while for mail to get here (and canada post service often goes on strike) so better start sending me my warm stuff before it gets too cold.
Forgot to tell you how crazy it is here. The spead and distence you travel is not done in miles, it is in kilometers I guess. The temperature is around 15 Celsius... I have no idea what that means in Fahrenheit! President Young (branch president) is going to make us Seal Fin sometime :S not sure how to think about that!! It is hard to understand the people sometime. they talk very fast and have crazy terms for different things. In canada I no longer use the restroom...I go to the washroom...thats hard to remember!! I will try to make a list of things that people say as they say them to me so I can tell you about it!

I love you all so much!!! Cant wait to write again next week!!
Sister Riddle

I am in the middle of unpacking and could not locate my camera cord this morning. I will find it by next week so I can send some pics to you. It is breath taking here!! it is so green!! The air is so humid! We live only seconds from the bay. I will take lots more pictures and get them to you as soon as I can!! LOVE YOU!!
Sister Riddle

one more....just in case you wanted to know another crazy thing about Newfoundland..there is a half hour time difference between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. HALF HOUR... I never knew you could be a half hour ahead of someone! so I guess that makes me three and a half hours ahead of you..not three. 

Monkey Village

Hello every one! 
First of all we taught someone (not serious at all) that had the best name ever, a name that someone (rachele) wanted to name me! Yes we taught someone named Dork-us! ha I laughed so hard to myself when she told us her name, so funny. The names here are really weird some times. Well we did not have our baptism this last week. We had to get him interviewed by the mission president, but August 11 will be the day he gets baptized. Well I dont know if you know this or not but the President of Ghana died last week it was weird some people were happy that he died so they went out partying all night. But then we had people say that  they were to sad that he died so we could not learn with them that day at all. People in this country gosh. Well we had a visit from President Holmes on Sunday, he seems like a by the book kind of guy he is a pmg (i think this is preach my gospel) Mission President! Well it was good to see him anyways. Today for p day we went to a monkey village. It was sweet! I guess the monkeys come to that village 2 times a day, morning and evening. They have been coming to that village sense the 1830's, so the people in that village treat them like family. They even share a cemetery with them. It was cool to see some African wild Life. Maybe if I canI will send some pictures of the monkeys today. Well thats all for me its getting better in Fiapre
From Elder Riddle
ps. some of you have letters in the mail. Whats Racheles pouch address? love you all

Sunday, July 29, 2012

For Bob and Rachele.....Alex/Mic Piano Recital

Alexandra and Michaela had their piano recital this past Saturday...We took this video so the two of you could see!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rachele hates the cold.....ha,ha,ha

Hello Family!!
Just a quick note to let you know that I am here safe in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I am headed to Newfoundland, Bay Roberts area. I will be companions with Sister Bentley. I have a long 5 hour drive, and a 15 hour ferry to get to Newfoundland. I will be able to email again on Monday. Have a great week!! I love you all so much!!!
Love Sister Riddle
My Mission President will send you an email I think sometime today or tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Up,Up and away

We received a nice surprise this morning....When Rachele got all checked into the airport this morning, she gave us a call.  She is a little apprehensive, but she is ready to go!  We talked to her for about 1/2 hr.  She sounded excited. The pictures below are of us tracking her flight.  We are so excited for her and can't wait to hear were and who she is serving with. 

On Time!!!
Like Always...Delays

Just took off....over Wyoming

Landed in Detroit

Taking off from Detroit
Flying over my old Mission

Almost there!


Take care Rachele! We love you and will miss you, But we know what you are doing is what our Heavenly Father wants you to do at this time.  Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"I can do Hard Things"

Hello Family,
Last week was by far the hardest week yet. We had two missionaries from our district go home. It was kind of hard to see how easy it is to go home. Not that I want to go home, I just think when some one leaves you can’t help but think about how you are going to make it the full 18 months. I have learned so much about myself this week. I have never had to rely on the Lord as much as I do now. That has been hard for me, asking for help, I think has always been hard for me, but now that I am working for the Lord I NEED His help! I am sorry I have not been able to respond to your letters. Grandma and Grandpa Riddle sent me letter, as did Amanda, Steph, and Jessica, and of course Dad. I love being able to hear what is going on at home. I just don't have any time...none at write. I hope I will have more time when I get to Canada. Which by the way I leave next Tuesday! I am so excited!!! I don't feel ready, but my teachers assure me that I am learning and growing so much everyday, and I will be ready to enter the field on tuesday. We leave the MTC around 5AM on Tuesday. My flight is at 8:30 and we have one stop, before getting to Halifax, we get there around 9 pm I think. I am able to call home while we are at the airport so stay close to your phone! Sorry mom that I did not send my last email to the right address last week, I sent it to Comcast not gmail.. I hope you get this one! I really don't have time to upload any photos here. I will try as soon as I get to Canada. We really only have about 20 min...after logging send emails. I got Elder Riddles email last week...just a short one liner! haha  We have not had the chance to hear form any of the 12. Elder Oaks's daughter spoke to us on sunday. She is amazing! If you get the chance you should youtube her or something. She plays the violin and her 4 children also have her music talent!
I am really loving it here! Its weird to think that there is more than this waiting for me! I am nervous to leave, but I know that as long as I strive to do my best, then the Lord will bless me and guide me. I am starting to feel the way I did just before getting to the MTC. Not wanting to get out of the car...haha
It is amazing to here that Bobby is being taken care of so wonderfully! The Thayne's seem like wonderful people.
At lunch the other day we happened to sit by an Elder who's Uncle is my new Mission President. And another Elder who's Dads Uncle (or something like that) was the old Mission President, and another Elder who's Grandparents just got home from serving in that mission. Small world! The Church is true!!
I want you to know how much I love you all! I cant wait to talk to you on Tuesday. Let me know what phone I should call, and what time works for everyone!
Alex have you passed your road test yet?
Mickey I heard you did not get to go swimming with sounds like you will have to plan another time!!
Mom and Dad I love you so much!! Thank you for teaching me the right way to live!!
Bobby was right obedience is the key!!!
Thank you for teaching me that "I can do hard things!"
Love, Love, Love You Tons!!!!
Love, Sister Riddle

Monday, July 16, 2012

Land of the Forgotten

Hello from Ghana everyone!
How is everyone doing? Well its been a very fast week for me, it seems like i just emailed yesterday, but here I am again. I sent Rachele an email but I dont know if she got it. Sorry for the wait on the new address I will find out that tomorrow at district meeting, but that is just to the mission home. I dont know if the pouch address is diffrent. Dad will you call church HQ and ask? We know nothing here in Sunyani no information gets to us. Our branches don't even have money. The Thaynes have been funding us up out of their own pocket. Do you guys have the Thaynes email? if so you should email them and thank them for helping me out. They do so much for us missionaries.  I guess thats why us missionaries call Sunyani the "Land of the Forgotten"! Well we still are planning on a baptism with Stephan on the 28th of July. We had the awkward lesson with him yesterday. Yup, we taught chastity. Good thing he did not have a problem with it. Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures sorry this email is short again. I will send letters soon.  Love you all keep me and Rachele in your prayers.
From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Email from MTC

Wow, two letters in one day.  One by mail, one by email.

Dear Family,
The past few days has been the hardest, most fun, and the most I have ever learned!! I am learning so much. On Thursday it was pretty much just an orientation day. We sat through a lot of meetings, then we went to class to meet our companions and district. My companion is Sis. Rust. She is from Vernal Ut. We get along so great. We are really learning and growing from each other!! Yesterday was by far the worst day yet. We had to do our first TRC teaching. (where we teach real people, they may be members or not.) That was really hard for me. After that we went to class and talked about how we did. I think everyone in my district was having a hard time. It was very discouraging. Our teachers are amazing!! they really know just what we need and how to help us. We had a lesson that night on stress, and how to manage it. They reasured us that we are right on track. We have only been here for four days. It seems so much longer than that. I think we all had a change of heart last night. We all came out knowing that we CAN do this! Well after class we went back to our rooms and went to bed, it took forever for me to go to sleep (a lot on my mind again) it seemed like minuets after I fell asleep, that the fire alarm went off. Yes, we had to evacuate at 1 in the morning!!!! The police came by and tried to find out what was going on. I guess they figured it out because about 30 min later they let us go back in. It then took me another 30 min to fall asleep agian, until i was again awoken...this time form (i think) a lost Sister. She came in and fliped on the light. looked around, and then turned around and walked out hahaha....well to say the least I am very tired today.
There are 6 Elders and 4 Sisters in my district. Elders Jensen, Gibbs, and Woodward, are going to Halifax (as well as Sis. Rust) Elders Olinger, Mann, and Martin are going to Bosie Idaho, as well as Sisters Cardona and Davenport. 
Well if you could not guess...Tuesday is my p-day. I only have 30 min to read and reply to emails, so will you please use Dear Elder to write me? That way I get it before I log on and start being timed.
Oh and to get into Canada I will need a copy of my call letter, will you please send it to me? I love you all so much! I really appreaciate your support! Dont worry about me they are taking good care of me here. and they are right, I dont have time to be homesick. I am constantly doing something. Today (Pday) is the only day were we have down time.
Love Sis. Riddle :D
Oh ps I got to see Kelton aka Elder Price before he left this morning! (that was for Alex I guess)
send me letters throught Dear Elder, we check the mail twice a day, so I will get it that same day!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

1st Letter from MTC

Dear Family
     Today was......very long! After I left with the Elders, I was taken up to my room. I dropped off my luggage, and went to class. I go to class with everyone in my district. There are 6 Elders, and 4 Sisters. Most of us are going to Halifax, other than 2 sisters and 1 Elder. Ini class we introduced ourselves. It was amazing how fast the spirit is felt. We each got to share why we are here. It was amazing to feel the spirit with such a short time of knowing each other. We continued the day with dinner, and other orientation meetings. I don't think I sat and did nothing all day. Oh, my companion is Sister Rust. We have so much in common. We will learn so much from each other, and learn to love each other. There is so much going on here. It's hard not to get lost! Which we did within the first two hours. Ha Ha. 
     Everyone is so happy here. I have to remind myself that we all are here for the same reason. We all know that we are children of Heavenly Father. And we want to share it with the world. I can't wait for tomorrow. I think everything will begin to make more sense. 
     I am told that the Temple will be closed until after. Leave, so I don't think I will be able to go. Also you should use Dear Elder! I can get layout emails much faster, and on my P-Day which is Tuesday, I only have 30 min. to email. It will make it faster for me to write back. Plus I get mail :) 
     Well it is late and I need to go to sleep. It will be a long day tomorrow? And this will be the only real "mailed" letter you get until I leave other MTC (July 24th). I will email you Tuesday! 
     I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do!! 
Sister Riddle

Its like a Two-Way Radio

Just as I was wondering if Bobby (Elder Riddle) was going to send us an email today, I get an email saying "Hello, are you on the Computer?"  so I got to have a little Two-Way Radio conversation with Bob this morning.  And then he sent his weekly email.  The conversation went like this....

ER: Hello, how are you? Are you on the computer?
DAD: Yes, I am right here.
ER: Hey, how are you today? How is everyone doing with Rachele gone?
DAD: We are all good.  It is a little quiet around the house.  How are you?
ER: I am ok. Its been a long week and really crazy today.
DAD: How is the new mission? and President?  Why so crazy today? 
ER: Well nothing has changed yet. We went to Kumasi on Wednesday to meet him. Sometime soon he is coming up here to talk to us in Sunyani. He and his wife seem pretty cool. I dont know if anything will change.
DAD: How is the teaching going.  Is the Baptism with Stephan still on?
ER: The teaching... honestly it sucks because people are not very serious. We often find ourselves just walking around Fiapre because of failed appointments. But yes the baptism is still on with Stephan. We are teaching him the commandments this week. He understands everything we teach him. 
DAD: Great!   Keep it up.  What did you do today for p-day?
ER: We played volleyball and football (soccer) in Fiapre. It was sweet! We just got done eating fufu for lunch.
DAD: Sounds fun....are you sending pictures with your email today?  How have you been feeling? malaria wise...
ER: Sorry, no pictures today. I am at a computer that has plenty viruses. But I am feeling fine malaria wise
ER: Oh ya, on Thursday I bought an African Mask form some guy its sweet. Its made of wood. It looks cool, but I wont ship it home. It will break to easily. Maybe next week I will send a picture of it. Oh and I might buy a washer. A good one is about 300 cedis thats about 180$. I dont know if I should. What do you think?  
DAD: I don't know about the washer...what happens to it when you get transferred?  What do the other missionaries do?  Is it a washer like at home?  or is it a tub and washboard??!!  you make the decision...we trust you.  Just make sure you can use it if you do.  I hate to see you have to pay 180.00 every time you get transferred.
DAD: is there anything you need us to send you?  I need to get a couple of SD Cards sent to you.  What is your new mailing address?

And just like a Two-Way radio that went out of range............silence! (I am sure there is a Sunday School Lesson in there Somewhere!)

Sorry I dont have much to say this week.  How is everyone doing? How was the MTC drop off with Rachele? I am doing fine just a lot of hard work ahead. Its been a very long time since I have seen a letter from any of you. (i wonder if he is not getting our emails)  Mic you need to send a sticker soon I am almost at 3 months this week. Well sorry this email sucks! I love you all. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
Love Elder Riddle

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The wait is over, but the journey has just begun.

Today was the day......we dropped Rachele off at the MTC.  We started the day with going to get her set apart.  We then headed to Kneaders for her last meal request.  Then at 1pm we dropped her off at the MTC.  It has been both a happy day and a sad day.  We are happy because she is doing what our Heavenly Father wants her to do.  We are sad that she had to leave us.  Good luck Rachele.  You will make an awesome missionary.




Monday, July 2, 2012

Baptismal Date set

Hello Everyone
Ha, thanks for all the information. I love knowing what is going on back home. Well only one thing has happened since I have talked with you on Friday. On Sunday we set a Baptismal date with a man named Stephan! He has a friend in the church but in a different branch. We set the date for July 28, so hopefully he follows thru and I get a baptism on that day. Well I am proud to announce that I am now apart of the Ghana Kumasi Mission. I will be going down to Kumasi on Wednesday to meet my new Mission President. And while there I hope I will find out more about my new mailing address and stuff. I will keep you all posted.  Dad, I love you and I know this email is not long but hey, I just talked to you! Thanks for everything!
       Love Elder Riddle 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 months, 2 Mission Presidents, 2 Missions!!!

Well it's official. Today Bobby is part of a new Mission. He will now be a part of the new Ghana Kumasi Mission. We do not know addresses or anything like that yet. He is really excited to be serving in this new mission. He gets to meet his new Mission President this next week. He is from South Africa. It looks like the new mission will take up the majority of Ghana. We have been told that the northern part of Ghana is fairly new to missionary work.

Pizza and Pizzazz

Friday night all of the Maughan Family got together and had dinner at "Fred's" and had some pizza and instead of giving a tie away to the missionary, we gave Rachele some are a few photos of the party. Sorry about the quality, we were new at taking pictures with Rachele's new camera.