Monday, April 22, 2013

Snit Flats

Yet another week gone!

This week has just flown by. Its crazy, it feels like I was just emailing you last week, but here I am again.  This week has been alright, but its been hard! In Tamale we have been trying to find the most Christian areas and just focus on them. So far we have found 3, mostly christian areas. The problem is we have 4 companionships in Tamale. So, one companionship was left to find their own area and that was me and my companion. So for the past 3 months Elder Roach and I have not been working in one area. We have been working in many different areas which just adds to my stress levels. But, this last week we met with President Holmes and he told the Zone Leaders to go and find a new area and let my companionship have their area.  Sweet! Now I have an area!!! But, in this area we let the Zone Leaders keep their progressing investigators. So, we had to start off fresh. This week we have been contacting the crap out of an area called Snit Flats. This area is a very nice apartment complex where a lot of Christians live. So far we have found 5 new investigators. Its been great! At this apartment complex there are maybe 30 different buildings. The only problem with this area is that it is far away from our chapel. It takes us about 30 or 40 min to get there everyday. So people that are there are going to have a hard time coming to church.

Lets see..... nothing to eventful has happened this week. 
Monday was a normal p-day just wash and cooking. 
Tuesday we had a district meeting the only thing we talked abut was what we need to do to build unity in our zone, which is a very good topic. Wednesday  I went on splits with our DL and the curse of the District leader / Zone leader splits hit us in the face. This curse is....  whenever you go on splits with your leaders, ALL of your lessons fail. And that is what happened to us. So we walked all day 
Thursday - Sunday this is when we started going in to our new area and contacting everyone!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we have an investigator named Michael. He is great. We have taught him about the restoration and all that good stuff. After we taught him all he said was "this is something I will need to pray about" Alright sounds good to us!  We are meeting with him again on Saturday so we will see what he has to say. Another good thing, his wife Emilia sells fried rice. So about 3 times a week we go and visit her and buy fried rice its great.

Well I think that is all I have to say this week. Love you all, have a great week!

From Ghana with Love 
Elder Riddle

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