Monday, July 29, 2013

Slow Week

Hello from Ghana
This week has been long, not a lot of things happening. I got a little sick on  Wednesday and Thursday but other than that I am doing alright. Oh ya, I talked to someone about my stomach problems and I got pills. So I am getting healthy this week.
As far as the work is going... its at a stand still. We were planning on having a baptism this week but, she never showed up to her interview. So, that means no  baptism. This week we are starting off fresh... we are going to find new investigators! I am starting to get tired of people not being serious. So this week we are going to an area that we don't go to a lot and we are going to act like it is a new area and contact everyone! So here it goes!
hmm what else happened to us...I cut my hair, one of the Elders in our apartment (Elder Bradley) also tried to cut his hair but... he forgot the guard so we had to fix it for him (:  he now looks like a skin head... its kind of sad but really funny at the same time.
Other than that this week has been slow nothing new is going on. I hope this next week will be better for us and I will be able to tell you guys more stories.
Hope you have a good week, love you all 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

Monday, July 22, 2013

This week has been a little sad for me!

Hey everyone! How is everything going?
This week has been a little sad for me! You know how we were planning on having 2 baptisms this week? Well, we didnt have them, we moved one of them to next week and the other one won't be happening. Her father does not want her to baptize because he wants her to go to the same church as him. As you might have noticed, I have faced this problem my entire mission. Someone wants to be baptized but someone else is standing in their way. But, thats how it is going to be.
My week has been ok. Other than the baptisms failing. We have been trying to find new people to teach in a different part of our area. So, we are busy trying to find new investigators. I feel once we get a few investigators in this part of our area we will start having more baptisms.
On Saturday,. we got transfer news. Nothing is changing for me. I am in the same apartment with my same companion.  It is good thou because I want to see these investigators that we have been working on get baptized.
Oh ya as of today... I have 6 transfers left and that means 36 weeks! Its crazy how time is flying by!  
Well thats my week. Once I get my camera, I will start taking pictures again. I am going to set a goal of taking one picture every day the rest of my mission (once i get the camera)  but it will be great!
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

Monday, July 15, 2013

The work is progressing

Hello Everyone 

This week has been an alright week, nothing to special. We had some good lessons and had some failures too, but its all good in Ghana. Something did happen this week that made me sad... Nana Ama ( the one we gave the blessing to)  she wants to be baptized but her husband does not want her to be baptized... he says that they should go to the same church... so we are going to teach him more, we have taught him once or twice but he does not have time for us. This week we are going to focus on him!  The part that made me sad is that we were going to have her baptism this next Sunday the 21st but we are going to have to postpone it until her husband agrees.

Well other than my camera breaking :( sad face. nothing to much has happened this week.

Next week we are planning on having 2 baptisms yeah!!!  Felicity, and Matilda. They are both very happy with the gospel. I love it!  I can see the happiness it is bringing them.  I don't know if I told you but Felicity is from Tamale. We came down to Kumasi the same week! Its just weird how the lord prepares people. Matilda is a part member investigator. Her younger sister joined the church about 6 months ago and her uncle is a member in Germany. I love this gospel its the best!

Oh ya, today for p-day our zone came together to play some games and such, sack races, basketball, and egg toss. and afterward we had a water fight with the sachet waters water in a bag they sell here, it was a water balloon fight!!!

Well I think that is all from this week
Love you all!
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey everyone..... how is it going this week? I hope everything is going well!

This week has been a little boring, nothing much going on in our area a lot of disappointment. We have been planning on having some baptisms next week on the 14 but they have not been coming to church so we had to move their dates. I hate moving baptismal dates! I hate it!!! The people we are panning to have baptized are all prepared people they all understand what we are teaching, BUT (there is always a but)  they don't come to church. So, we are going to be focusing on helping them come to church this week. We are  planning on Sister Felicity and Sister Nana Ama being baptized on the 21so that should be good!
Nothing to fun this week. I got some blisters from weeding the church compound with a cut less (machete). It was good ol fun but in the end it caused me pain because today I had to wash my clothes and I burst my blister, it kind of Stinks!!! but oh well 
Well maybe I will send some pictures of our p-day now...... ENJOY!!!!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pizza!!!! Haven't had real cheese in over a year!

Hello everyone! How is everything?
This week has been a little slow. We did not have much success this week. Our baptism fell thru because our investigator (Felicity) went home to northern region for a long holiday they have this week so we had to change her date. She should be home by tomorrow  so we will see when she can be baptized. Hopefully soon!!! But the rest of our week was some how good some how bad. Nothing much happened.
Today has been crazy!! We had a zone activity today and we went to buy PIZZA!!!!!!  yes real pizza!!  It was nice, real nice! It was the first time I have had real cheese in a long time. After that I went to pick up my new shirts in the market.... how do they look???  Did you get that picture?   Today has been busy. I bought a bunch of random things, some of which I don't need at all but wanted them!! haha I blame it on my companion, he likes buying things!!

We are having our zone conference this week on Wednesday I am supper excited to hear from President Holmes. He really is an inspired man, and every time I hear him speak, things just click for me of why I am here. Its great!!!
Well I dont have much else to say but just keep me posted about things that are going on at home.
Love you all so much hope you have a good week, I will try to make this one the best yet
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle  

Guess what Bobby is eating this week!!!


First normal looking food we have seen Bobby eat since in Ghana

Nice African Clothes!!