Monday, April 8, 2013

"Crikey" Did you say Crocodile??

Hey everyone 

This week has been a normal week. We taught some lessons and we even found some new investigators, which has been good! One of them was a family of 5. They are freaking amazing! Both of the parents have lived in England and know about the church, and the things they know about the church are good things. They both like the church. The dad, Sam, watches American Politics so he knows about Mitt Romney, and he said he should have won! SO I like this family!!!!!

This next week I hit my 1 year mark. I have been thinking about how I have grown on my mission. I have grown a lot. Being on my mission I have learned so many things, things I would not know if I was back home. I have been thinking that because we had low numbers this week that I need to make changes. I don't want to feel like I can relax now because I am on the down hill side. I want to make the last half of my mission just as good as the first half. I don't want to slack off and fall behind. I want to finish on empty! So this past week I made a goal for my self to finish my mission on empty, do everything I can to help the church grow here.

Today we had a cool p-day activity! We went to a place called Paga. Its a town right on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso (we could have gone out of Ghana). In this town they have a crocodile pond so we went to see some crocodiles. It was freaking sweet! So what you do is you buy a chicken (5 cedis) and the people go and call the crocodiles out of the pond. Then you get to go and touch it if you want (i did, pictures will come next week), but after everyone is done taking pictures with the crocodile they give the (live) chicken to the crocodile! Holy crap! I did not know how fast a crocodile could move! It just went after that chicken and when it finally got it it took 1 bite and then swallowed the chicken whole. Iit was freaking crazy! 

This next week is going to be a joke.... we have Tuesday and Wednesday to teach people, and then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we are going down to Kumasi for Zone Conference. I hate the road from Tamale to Kumasi it is so bad! I was thinking today ...the main roads they use (their freeways)  are like our roads in utah going thru neighborhoods, just 2 lane roads. They don't have any big fancy highway system. And it stinks because the roads here are just like Utah roads with pot holes everywhere its just crazy.

Well I am sorry I did not have much to say this week. I just can not remember what has happened and I feel really tired because i have a bad head cold so I can't focus.

love you all 
from ghana with love 
Elder Riddle 

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