Monday, September 30, 2013

"This is my Life"

Hey everyone sorry I did not email last week.... I was "busy".   
This week I had one of the coolest lessons I have ever had on mission. I was on splits in my area with our district leader (Elder Komubbi from Uganda)   We went to teach one of our new investigators, Ma Dorothy, and we had taught her about the restoration but did not have time to teach her about the book of Mormon. So we went to teach her about the book of Mormon.  but before we knocked at her gate, Elder Komubbi and I looked at each other and said "we are not teaching about the book of Mormon today!" The spirit told us both to teach the plan of salvation... we did not know why, so before we started the lesson we started asking her questions about herself and her family. We found out that her husband died a couple of years ago and that she is very concerned about her family. So we started there, we taught the entire plan of salvation.... just from the bible (some how hard because you want to use the book of Mormon but she did not know about the book of Mormon)  but she understood everything. We even taught about baptisms for the dead, first time ever teaching an investigator about that. She was crying most of the lesson because she loves her family, wants her husband to be baptized by priesthood authority and  because she is an honest truth seeker.  The spirit was so strong and she accepted a baptismal date for October 27. I can not wait to teach her again. That lesson made every day worth it... I love the gospel!
This week we won't be going out much because we are having a zone conference, district meeting, and all of the foreign missionaries have to go to the police stations to register or something like that... I don't know why but we do. 
So this week we might not be teaching a ton of lessons but we will be busy
Well I hope you all have a good week. Keep on working hard and playing harder! right? Maybe not if you guys are getting snow now!
From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle
I was reading in Isaiah this week and I came across this scripture and all I could think of was " this is my life" Isaiah 28:20
For the bed is shorter than that man can stretch himself onit: and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Holes in the souls of my shoes

Hello Everyone! 

How is the week going for you all?  How is work? How is school? How is sitting on the couch watching TV? Well what ever it is that you are doing I hope you enjoy it!!!

This week has been slow, because of a few things... 1. I have had a cold this entire week because its raining almost every night...not good especially when you have holes in the bottom of your shoes! 2. The ward I am in is a college ward, and I never would have thought that I would be saying this, but it makes me want to go to school again... no not for the schooling its self but for the student interaction. I feel so out of place when you see these college kids who are the same age as you going and having fun but your going to teach lesson, kind of weird.   Do you remember when I was saying we were teaching 25-30 lessons a week in buokrom, well now we teach 8 lessons a week I feel out of place. But other than that the week is good, slow, but good. I love the ward I am in because they speak English not twi. Soooo good!
Well I love you all and I will try and keep my companion active, hopefully it works he leaves to go home in 4 weeks.

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfered to UST

Hello everyone! How are things going for you all this week? 
This week has been a little different for me.. because I am now a "real" missionary. I am in a ward and have other people from this ward to help us with the missionary work. Its weird but a good weird.
My new companion is Elder Leishman. He is from Boise Idaho. He is a real cool guy and is scheduled to go home soon... the area is sweet we are over at the university which is called K.U.S.T. The funny part about this area is that its just a few miles away from Buokrom (my old area). In Buokrom  you could see all the airplanes coming and landing at the airport. In UST we see all of the air planes taking off. So I am very close to my old area. I can't really tell you about our investigators because I don't know them myself. But, from what I have seen is that this area has a ton of potential. A lot of people are being prepared for us, especially because school just re-opened. So, there are thousands of college kids here, and because of the college kids our ward just doubled in size! 

This week I hope to know all of my investigators and find new ones because we dont have a lot of those. But, just keep me in your prayers. 

Sorry this is a short email. I don't have much of time left.
I love you all so much!!!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They were baptized!!

Dear Everyone 

Hello, how is everything going?  How is work/school/staying home?!  
Well this week has just flown by. Elder Helgesen and I have been having a great week. First of all those two girls that were supposed to be baptized last week but weren't because of their mother, well we went and talked to the mom and helped her understand why the girls wanted to be baptized. She then said she would allow them to be baptized. YES!! I was so happy when she told us that. I could not believe it at all, but guess what? They were baptized yesterday(Sunday)!  Such a good feeling to have someone in the water!! 
Also, I got transfer news on Saturday. I am being transferred to a ward, yes a ward! I have spent my mission in branches. The ward is called UST.  I am going to be with an Elder from Idaho (not sure how to spell his name) but I am very sad to be leaving Buokrom. I love this place. But, I must go where revelation points to right!  Well,  because I am leaving on Wednesday, today we are with the young men that go teaching with us ( Timothy and Richard)  and we are going to go eat pizza this afternoon it should be good. 

Well, that's about everything form me. Hope you all have a good week 
Love ya all 
Elder Riddle And Timothy who is standing behind me  

ps. Timothy wants to say hi.... hello Riddle family 

Baptism 2 Weeks Ago

Unknown Food

...but they are eating it!

Looked like a challenge to me!!

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Baptism this past Sunday

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