Monday, August 26, 2013

Baptism on Sunday

Hey everyone how is it going? 

Well this week has been short and not so good. I have been a little discouraged because of something that happened this Sunday. We were supposed to have 3 baptisms but we only had one!  We were teaching Edna, Evelyn and Munik.  All of them had their baptismal interviews and everything but... Edna and Evelyn were told not to come to church and be baptized by their mother! The same mother that said she did not care what church her children went to!  So, I have been a little up set the past few days. It always seems that right when the work starts moving forward someone is blocking their way!!  But, on the up side we did have a baptism for Munik (Monik)  and she was very happy. She said after her baptism that she has been waiting for this for a long time. That really gave my attitude a boost.

hmm... my toe nail came off.  I had to pull it off because it was just flopping  around in my socks. I bet you all wanted to know that didnt you...  but it is all good now.

Transfer news is this Saturday, so maybe I will have something cool to tell you next week! 

Well thats all for me 
Have a good week 
From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle 

Baptism of Munik

His Area...looks like the big tree in his first area!

Building Toy Cars

Monday, August 19, 2013

They have been joyfully accepting!!

Hello Everyone! 
How is your week going? I hope that all is going well for you all!

This week has been an alright week. We have been working our butts off!  We have been giving our progressing investigators baptismal dates and they have been joyfully accepting them. It is so cool to see the gospel bring joy in to peoples lives. We are planning on having 3 baptisms on this Sunday the 25th and one on the 1st its going to be so cool! I can not wait until this weekend it will be a very good day.   

So you all want to hear some thing cool?  I bet you do....   so last Monday we were playing football and as we were playing I got my foot stepped on by one of the other missionaries (who was wearing cleats). Well to make a long story short he stepped right on my big toe and now that toe nail is dead... it will be falling of in a week or so.   So, ya every step I take I enjoy the sweet pain of a dead toe nail!  so fun.... not!! 

Well hmmm what else has been happening.... my companion, Elder Helgesen has like 3 or 4 women wanting him to marry them. Its really funny. They want him to marry them so they can go to the US... haha one of them even proposed to him. All he can do is laugh and say I am a missionary and then walk a way. Its a hoot  because they even tell me that I am to tall for them hahahaha

hmmm what else we had a service project with the Kumasi stake. We went to a hospital and cleaned up their building for them. It was cool. We had a ton of people talking to us about the church and telling us that they want to come to church. It was way cool!

Well, I think that is all I have to share this week. I got my package somehow.  (the zone leaders have it)  and so next week I will be sending pictures, thats if the camera is still in the package!!!!!  (:

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Its going great, I love it!

Hey everyone!

Hey, well the internet today somehow sucks. So, I wont be able to send
anything long but just a brief over view of my week.

It has been a very short and fast week!!! Something cool that happened
this week, we have been walking with our young men all this week and
they have been with us as we are teaching. This week we have had 15
member present lessons and 7 recent convert lessons! It was a good week
for us. We are starting to see the blessing of hard work. We have found
several new investigators and are even receiving referrals from our
branch. Its going great, I love it!  We are hopefully going to have 3
baptisms on the 25th (all of them are referrals)  so like I said we
are starting to see the blessing from our hard work.

We are in the third week of this transfer and I can not believe how
fast these weeks have gone by. I am starting to think that I am going
to be transferred in 3 weeks, but I dont really want to. I have been in
this area for to long and I love the people here. But, if I am going to
be transferred that means I have to  work really hard before I do
right??? Thats what I am going to do.... work this place so even if I stay
I will see the results.

Well my internet is slowly getting worse so I have to get going. I
love you all and hope you have a good week!
from Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle

Monday, August 5, 2013

Not very busy, but still scheduling Baptisms!

Hey, how is everything going every one? I hope that by the grace of God everyone is doing great! 
Well, this week was been some how a slow week for us. We did not teach as many lessons as we normally do. It is because we have been trying to find new investigators in a newer part of our area. I am tired, we have been talking to everyone but nothing seems to be coming from it right now. We do have a couple of  un-serious investigators that we have begun teaching, but, like I said they are un-serious. But, we teach when we find and find when we teach, so hopefully we will get some one out of them... on the up side we had an activity on Saturday for our branch. We watched the Restoration film the one that's 1 hr, and most of the members that came and brought their friends with them. So, this week we have plenty of referrals to contact, so its going good I guess.  

hmm what else happened to us... we gave a baptismal date to one of our investigators. It was our second time teaching her and we were teaching her about the Book of Mormon. She has been coming to church for about 3 or so weeks and she asked us if she could be baptized. She said she has prayed about the restoration and Joseph Smith and she knows its true. She is someone that is well prepared for the gospel. PS. she is also a referral (they always get baptized) 

The new Elder...Elder Bradley has malaria... he came down with it last night and then it got worse this morning. All I could do is laugh because I know how he fills right now, its not fun!!!  

But, I think that is everything from me. I hope everything goes well for you all this week!!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle