Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"A stone cut out of the mountain with out hands"

Hello Everyone! 
Hey, how is everything going? I hope everything is going well. I heard about the problems that are going on with North Korea, whats going on with that? 

This week has just flown by... we did not have many lessons this week, in fact we had 3. My lowest lesson numbers for my entire mission! But, it is not my fault. We only had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday to have lessons. The rest of the days we were in Kumasi for our zone Conference. It was a good meeting. I liked everything that was said, but like i said it made us have low numbers. Also, this Sunday President Holmes came to Tamale for church. It was freaking sweet! We had plenty of investigators there. I think we had more investigators than members. So President talked a ton about the Book of Mormon and why we have it. And then he talked about how the gospel would go forth to all the world. He told them that they are a part of the prophesy found in Daniel ch. 2 which talks about how the gospel will be like a stone cut out of the mountain with out hands and it shall role forth until it fills the earth. It was a freaking good lesson. I thought our investigators started to understand that this is the true church! Very powerful Sunday

Well that was last week, and today we are starting off fresh. I have washed my clothes and done everything i need to do except buy food. I will do that after emailing. I feel this week will be different, in a good way.  

I really don't know what else to say. There was nothing else that happened this week hmm let me think.... well while standing in the parking lot of the Bantima chapel (where we had our zone Conference) while we were talking to other missionaries my companion threw up! I guess he had been feeling sick but did not want to tell me. It was kind of funny but he is doing alright now. He feels much better! Well there is my story for the week!!! hope you just loved it!! 

Well thats all for me. Sorry its short again, but hope you all have a good week.

From Ghana With Love 
 Elder Riddle 

ps. i forgot my camera today so you will have to wait until next week for crocodile pictures sorry 

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