Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Hello Hello..Whats on the go?
Sorry it took so long to get the email out today....The Internet was down at the church, so we had to get permission to use a members computer. This past week has not been to exciting. Just working hard, teaching...well trying to teach a lot. Our two investigators that we had on date are no longer on date, because they did not show up to church! We are meeting with them this week and trying to stress the importance of church!
The pics of Alex are way cute!! Bobby's pics this week are kinda scary! haha he has a pretty cool tan line! I am sending my SD card home a bday package for Mickey! I am not sure how long it will take to get there.
I really can not think of much that we did this week. Oh yesterday we carved pumpkins with President (branch president) and Sister Young. I think President Leavitt is coming out to visit Bay Roberts this week. That will be really nice to have him come out and see what is going on! We just heard about the hurricane down on the east coast..schools are closed in New York? So crazy!! I have no idea if we will get hit or not...The weather is sick here...WET!!! All the time...and it has not really been raining...there is so much fog and this weird comes down it does not help to use an umbrella haha. My coat and my boots are AMAZING!!!!! It was down to 5 degrees again this week...only getting colder!!!
Ok, so I decided that you need to YouTube people speaking in this Newfie Accent! haha I have decided that it is like pirates!! I have started to use the language when I speak! haha without even trying I will just say something that Sister Ott does not understand and she will just bust up laughing. I guess I am doing a good job learning the language!
Oh my gosh...Nick has to grow a beard!!! hahaha that makes me laugh!!!!!! you will have to send me pics!
I am sorry this letter is so short this week...I don't have much time to email.
I hope everything is going well at home....I know there is something else that I am forgetting to tell you...I cant think of it now.
Love Sister Riddle

Taking off our Missionary and putting on our Cowboy!

Hello Everyone!
This week has been the best week in a long time. We have had more lessons than we have in the past few weeks, life is good. We had our branch conference this week and President Holmes came up. He helped our branch leaders understand their duty's. Everything went well. I even had the chance to sit down and talk to him... small. It was good.

Well I am sitting here and trying to remember what has happened this week. I went on splits with an Elder from Zimbabwe (I don't know how to spell his name) But I went to his area and some how chastised one of their investigators. He is a very trouble-some man. He wont even let the missionaries know where he lives, so they meet him at a school in their area. Well he does not believe the Book of Mormon to be true because of the place where Christ comes to the Americas and calls a prophet and 12 Apostles. He also said because he had already called 12 Apostles and a Prophet in Jerusalem. Well I some how helped him understand and then chastised him! He needs to be dropped, but one of the missionaries there thinks he is progressing. But he is not. I will let them do what they want with him.

This week saturday we had a service project. We finished the goat pen!!!!! Yes, I will send you pictures next week. We are going to round up all the sheep and goats tonight. We get to take off our missionary and put on our cowboy. Don't worry, I will video it and take plenty pictures. 

I am going to try and send the SD card home very soon so you can have my pictures. Should I send it thru pouch? well let me know. Well transfers are in 1 week. I will find out what is happening to me this Saturday. I kind of want to stay in Fiapre because I love it here. Well letters are coming your way soon. We are going down to Kumasi on Thursday for a combined zone conference. It should be good because I don't know many missionaries in this mission. 
Well, I am praying that everything is going good for all of you back home. I love you all! 

From Ghana with Love 
Elder Riddle

Enjoy the latest pics

No, I did not keep the Mohawk..Hair cut day!

Food......your guess is as good as mine!

Mom, I need some sunscreen!

This is why we get t wear sandals.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hit a Wall!!

       Hello Everyone! 
Sounds like you had a "very" exciting weekend!!  hahaha. But I have a question for you. Did you go and play jump on it with them? I would have just to make alex mad, but it sounds like they had fun. ALEX- how was your first date?
Well this week has been normal (somehow) for me. Monday thru Thursday was normal. Then we hit Friday, and my back went out and could not move much. Saturday my back was better but I got a cold from Elders Sarpong and Larsen. Its funny, I never would have thought that I would get a COLD in AFRICA but I did and it sucks.
Elder Udo and I have kind of hit a wall. A very hard wall that is keeping us from having many lessons. We had about 8 this last week. We are trying to find a way around this "wall" but we are just struggling right now. We don't know what to do. But the work is going forth. Here they would say the work is going forth small small. I would add another small to that. I have said this to you guys many times "Fiapre is killing me" , but I have a feeling this next transfer  (November 7) that I wont be in Fiapre any more. So, these next two weeks, I am just going to give it my all and fight for lessons, new investigators, and referrals. And if I dont get transfered on nov 7th then we will have all of these people to teach. So it will either benefit me, or the next Elder that comes here. But now I am going to plant some seeds.

Well how is good ol Pleasant Grove? Have you seen snow yet? That is something I will miss very much.  Oh funny story... sometimes I get really mad at investigators when they try and make me speak twi. So me being as stubborn as I am, start speaking in spanish and it throws them off so bad. They are thinking that I only know English and then I throw some Spanish out there its really kind of funny....
Well I think that is all the info I have for you. If I remember somthing else I will add it to my letter tonight .
Love you guys so much! Have an enjoyable week.
From Ghana with love
Elder Riddle

Great Things are Happening!!!

Well Hello!!
I can not believe that another week has gone by!! This week felt so long but as always goes so fast! I don't remember if I told you that they opened up a new area in Newfoundland...Grand Falls. Well one of the assistance and his companion are out there...they drove down and had lunch with us on Wednesday. They gave us some great advice, and then challenged us not to go knocking for the rest of the week. Instead to use only our area book. We took them up on the challenge and went through a lot of former investigators and other records that we have.We found three new investigators, and two of them are on date for baptism.
Pauline is a former investigator that the Elders here were teaching about 5 years ago...they knocked into her right after her daughter committed suicide. They did all kinds of service for her and taught her a little, but mostly just let her cry to them. Well, we went and visited her the other day. She invited us right in, and she said we could come back. We taught her the plan of salvation on the second visit, and asked her to be baptized. She said she would, she said "this is God reaching out to me"...what an amazing lesson that was!! The spirit is an amazing thing. It touches people in a way that they need. I know that she felt the spirit bear witness to her, and she knew it was from God. It is moments like those that remind me why I chose to go on a mission. To help others find the truth, to help them feel and know the things that I grew up with.
Dale is our other investigator on date. She was a potential that the Elders found many years ago...she is friends with one of the less actives in our branch. We were able to teach her twice last week as well. She said that she learned a little bit about Joseph Smith, but asked us to tell her more! It is so exciting to have someone come to you and ask you to tell them more...most of the time we try to tell them and they cut us off!
I am so glad that we took the Elders advice and did not go knocking for the rest of the week. There are amazing things waiting to happen here in Bay Robers. (the last baptism that they had was 7 years ago.) I am so grateful that I can be a part of it!!
It sounds like you all had a good week. I will admit, I am slightly jealous that Amanda and Nick are in Hawaii soaking up the sun...while I am here FREEZING!!! No, it has not been that bad this week...It has been in the teens all week the week before was much colder!!!
So yesterday we went to dinner at the Branch Presidents house...His daughter has a kitten...I know I know DON'T TOUCH THE CAT!! But, how can you not...when they are that little they are just so cute. Well I should have listened to you...My eye swelled eyeball..that has never happened before! haha well President Young gave me a Benadryl and I was fine! I know I can hear you in the back of my head! It was my own stupid fault...I should know better by now! I am 22 years old...You think I would have learned from MANY experiences!
This week is going to fly by...Mondays never really happen...They are gone with a blink of an eye! And on Tuesday we are headed back down to st John's for another training! We have some lessons set up...I hope they don't fall through this week...
Oh the Romneys (the senior couple who lived up stairs) are on their way home...Mom, Sister Romney asked for your phone maybe you should keep your phone with you. haha They are from St. George...I cant wait to go visit them when I get home!
Dad I did not know that you printed Taytens wedding announcements....
I cant think of anything else that is going on...I will try to send some pics from the last few weeks
Love Sister Riddle

Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Months Out

Hello Dad
Hey Dad, thanks for sharing those experiences with me. They really do boost
my moral. Well it sounds like you guys are having fun in the cold Utah. For you guys it is getting colder and for me it is getting warmer its kind of funny that we are on opposite sides of the earth. I often don't think that I am really in Africa, but then I remember, and all I can think is that this is crazy.  Well if your on the computer write me back I will have about another hour and a half to email!

Hello Mother
How is everything? Everything is going good here in Ghana. I know its crazy that I am 6 months.  I love Ghana. I don't like thinking of the day that I have to go home. And I just looked at my tag and I have 3 stickers from Michaela. This week has been exhausting,  I am so tired but its a good tired. We teach about 12 lessons a week and this week we had a lot of failed lessons because people here, they say one thing but do the other. So we set appointments but they are never there when we come, it stresses me out. Who is Alex asking to the dance(i will just tease her small) Well, the weather in utah right now is getting colder... am I right? Well here in Ghana it is getting hotter because the wind will blow down the air that is in the Sahara desert down to Ghana. So here is hoping that I don't die of heat. Well I think thats all i have. I am writing another letter to you guys today and will send it tomorrow. I sent a letter to Rachele last week through the Ghana post office and it cost about 1.50 Cedis.(pronounced CD's) Will I have to do that every single time I send a letter to her? Or can I use a pouch address? Let me know. Well I have about one and a half hours left so if you are on write me back but if not I love you Mom!

From Ghana With love
Elder Riddle

Trying to stay warm!!!!

Hello again!!
I Love Mondays! I love being able to hear how everyone is doing!! (I do wish Elder Riddle would send his emails earlier...He is three hous ahead of me and still I dont get them till later.) Yes I bought a coat!! And boots too...Don't kill me but the boots were around $100 and the coat was $80...Andria Best (truly this family is the BEST family) found the coat from Costco for is very warm it goes almost down to my knees!!!! and she also got me a warm pair of gloves (that she wont let me pay her back for.) The boots are very warm as well...I was happy because they don't look ugly with a skirt!
This week has been a crazy week...Monday was Thanksgiving...I have no idea what Canadian Thanksgiving is, all I know is they eat good food!!! We went over to a members house..The Shorts. (The Romenys also went) They have been members for around 15 years, Brother Short is not an active member...they made a really yummy turkey with all of the fix ins...including know like the song..Peas porage hot, Peas porage cold, Peas porage in the pot 9 days old...well I am not a fan. All of the Newfoundlanders say it is there favorite...NOT SURE WHY! After we ate we stayed and played dominoes with them (not sure if that is in line with the mission rules) :D
Tuesday we went to St John's for a District Meeting. It sure is good to get together with other missionaries every once in a while. We did our shopping for the week while we were in St John's (all of the stores were closed on Monday) That's when I found my boots. Oh then we came back to Bay Robert's and had a lesson with a member...Petra. She has been a member for a long time, but just started coming back to church like 5 years ago. She is going to the temple for the first time next Tuesday! She is so excited. Wednesday was a bust day...I got the stomach flu..NO FUN. But I am all good now! But I hate wasting an entire day!!! It is one of the worst feelings ever!!! Thursday was also spent in St John's. Elder Fulley (The Fulleys work in the mission office) called and told us that it was time for us to get an oil change..So we drove back to St John's...Thank heavens the Mount Pearl Sisters took their lunch break while we were there... they came and got us form the car place and took us to lunch... it took about 3 hours for our car to get done...I am so glad we did not have to sit there the entire time!!!! Well after that we drove back to Bay Roberts and tried to find some people to teach!...No such luck! :P Friday...Fridays are not my favorite days!!! Weekly planning! We get to sit in our study and plan out the entire week to takes at least 3 and a half hours...if we are lucky! And takes longer when you actually have investigators to plan for. The rest of the day was mostly spent knocking on knuckles are starting to get bruised hahaha. I think that the cold weather is making everyone grumpy!! They don't like us knocking on there doors after dark..well it gets dark at like 6:30...We are out working till we get some grumpy people sometimes! Sister Ott told me that she has never had as many people yell at her as she has with me. Saturday...Same thing..Knocking and more knocking!! Oh we did get transfer news...Nothing is changing with me, but Sister Davis (from Mount Pearl) is being transferred to St John New Brunswick. It will be hard for her to leave...she has been in Mount Pearl her entire mission (9 months) you get attached really fast!! Sundays are always Good...Church is fun...only 7 of us were at church yesterday...The Romenys are leaving next week. They are headed home. It will be sad not to have them here...we will be getting a new mission couple some time i am guessing around November.
Well not too much else is going on...we are going to St John's today to spend the rest of the preparation day with the other missionaries..and to tell sister Davis goodbye.
Oh you asked about Sister Ott...She is from Oregon...she has one younger sister ho is my age. She was a high school teacher and a kindergarten teacher right before she came out on her mission.
I will send my Camera Card home this week so you can have all of my pictures.
Sounds like you all had a fun fall break! I cant believe it is that time already!!! Crazy how the time flies by!
Good Luck on you date Alex!!!! :D send me pictures!!! You should let Andrew would be fun.
No mickey has not sent me stickers yet!
Well I think that is all for this week.
I did not get a chance to put those letters in the mail last week so I will send them this week!
Love Sister Riddle
PS it is getting cold here!! It was only 5 out while we were knocking the other night...I still don't know what that is in American language, but it is cold..really cold when the wind blows..and even colder when it is really humid. Oh mom you know those cute flower headbands that we got from Ti Pan? The ones that go over your ears? If you happen to see any of them I know I have a green one and I thought I got one from New York too...anyway they would really help my ears stay a cute way...I do have normal ear warmers but those ones are cute and fun! I know Dad wont get it hahaha :D

Monday, October 8, 2012

A lot of info coming from home!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been very good. And there is a lot of information coming from home. A LOT! So it turns out Kelsey is going on a mission because of the change of age. I am happy this happened!
  To answer your questions, no I did not get to watch conference. I will get to watch it in about 2 months after they translate it in to twi. So even when I watch it I will not be able to understand it very well... the packages you sent me... I have gotten one of them. It was the one filled with the note paper and envelopes.(thanks i got the hint). But the other two, I have not seen. Hopefully I will when Elders Larson and Sarpong come back from Kumasi this week. They are going down for zone leader counsel and they are coming back on Wednesday. um... story for the week.... oh Tuesday night there was a crazy storm that came over Sunyani. Honestly I thought our house was going to fall down because of the rain, wind, and the thunder. The thunder was crazy it shook our house. I felt our house move... it was crazy. Because of this storm we were with out power the rest of the week and still in Fiapre right now we have no power. 

I was able to email Bobby for a couple of minutes this morning...this is what he wrote.

I know, I have been slacking in the letter department. I told myself a couple days ago that I am writing you guys once a week. I am sorry for that and I know you guys are worried about me. No, I have not had any problems being sick, except once when I was taking my contacts out, I scratched my eye pretty bad. Enough that I could not open it. But Sister Thayne took good care of me. How are you guys doing? The work is going very slow. Honestly I feel like Fiapre branch is going to take some time before it grows. Its hard work but its fun work!  Hey I have been wondering about your mission a lot. How many lessons would you teach a week?

We had a program set up that if we made a certain amount we would get recognized.  I will look it up in my journal but I think we had to teach 72 lessons a month to reach it.  I made it twice.....We also had to track xxxx amount of hours.  I took me awhile to realize though that no matter how much time I put in, I could not find the people by soon as we as a companionship stared fasting and praying earnestly for certain things we found that the Lord preformed miracles.  One time we had fasted and a member, out of the blue came up to us and told us his secretary was ready to be baptized.  We taught her in one week and baptized her following saturday.  Our heavenly Father is there...we just have to ask. 

Thats about how many we are teaching a transfer!  We have our branch conference in 2 or 3 weeks and our mission president is coming for that. I think he will pull missionaries out of Fiapre because it is not growing.Its sad to think but it might happen.

Put it to the test....the lord is bound when you do what he says.

I will do that...!! Hey I heard a rumor that sister missionaries are going to serve the full 24 months. Is that true?  
No, just the 18 months.  Nothing else changed, just the age.
Oh, wow! The Thaynes came over on Sunday and told us about the age change. We read it on the internet, but they did not know about the time they will serve. Any-other news? How was the wedding? Will you send me pictures in a letter the ones you emailed me were to big to look at.

Well thats my week. I have letters coming for you all.
Love ya
From Ghana with love
Elder Riddle

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello from Newfoundland and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!
What a great weekend!!! And a great way to start this week...Today is Thanksgiving, and we are going over to a members house for dinner...well lunch. Conference was amazing!! I was so shocked to hear the big news! I too thought of Kelsey...That is so cool that she is putting her papers in!!! It made me a little jealous...if only they lowered the age when I was 19! No, I know that I am here at this time for a reason..I have already started to see that reason.
Sounds like the wedding was really nice...Send me some pics. I wish I could have been there.
Well we have teaching a lot..less actives and members. We have two new investigators. John and Jenaveive...we met both of them knocking. They seem interested. We should be seeing John tomorrow morning, and Jenaveive we need to call her...she was in town with her husband for medical stuff last week. We are going to help the Parsons (less actives) paint tomorrow! Jake and Bonnie have been members for years, and have such strong testimony's. They know that they need to get back to church, it is just a matter of finding time. They are some of the funniest people ever..well mostly Jake. He is a fisherman, and full Newfoundlander. He has a very strong accent. Every time we say goodbye he ends up kissing me on the check...ugh!!!
Well come this Sunday I will be done training!!! And we get transfer news on Saturday night. I am slightly excited to hear what will be happening.
I think I have found a is $80 one of the investigators in Mount Pearl has been keeping her eye out for warm winter clothing for us. She found one at Costco and said it is one of the warmest for cheapest that she has seen. I am also looking for boots. I have not seen anything yet. Mom I will have to see if I can find one of those stores close by. If you are looking and you see anything cheap and warm maybe you should order it for me. Or if you see any warmer, shoes...snow should not start to fall till January ish...rummors. But my flats are not very warm. And I dont know if it will make you happy or not...but I have started to do so much walking, that one of my pairs of shoes has a hole in it...already...I know Three months in!! :P Do you think the coat is a good price...I have not seen it yet. I will see it tomorrow, and it can be returned if it does not work.
Thanks for sendind me some pics of the wedding...So pretty!!! Keep an eye out for the letters that I will put in the mail today...not sure when you should get them...everything is closed her today...but i think things will be back up and running tomorrow.
I love you all so much!!! I think I will be on the computer most of the and we can not do anything else. I will also check my email so if anyone would like to email me back i would not hate it :D
Sister Riddle

Monday, October 1, 2012

Not much to say this week!

       Hello Everyone! 
Everything has been going good this week. It has just been really
slow here. We are still working with the investigator that had a
baptismal date. She knows the church is true but she is scared of what her church pastors will say to her if she gets baptized. Not a whole lot this week. It sounds like you guys are having fun! Tell Steph and Craig congrats for me. I wish I could be there. Cheer loud for
me watching the USU/BYU game! Today we did not have much time to email because we got stuck in town. I promise I will send letters very soon have a good week. I love you tons.
Elder Riddle

3 Months Out

Hello Again!!!
I have no idea where the past week a missionary we only have three day weeks...Monday, Friday, and Sunday are the only days that I can ever remember...Mondays is preparation day...who can forget that? Fridays are weekly planning...we take most of the day to plan the entire week...and Sundays...well we get to go to church!! I can not even tell you what we did any of the other days unless I look at my planner.
Let see this week was good...We are taking the council that Elder Gay gave us, working with the less actives and members. We taught 4 less actives this week, and visited most of the members! We even had a couple of the less actives come to church yesterday!!! It was so exciting to see them walk in. We went to their house last Wednesday (Jake and Bonnie) got to know them and it really sounded like it would take some work to get them to come...but as we were singing the opening hymn they walked in... I was leading the music and I just about passed out when they walked in!!
Saturday night we got to watch the Relief Society General Conference. SO GOOD!!! We also did not get to go to bed till about 11:30..can I just tell you how much that throws off your sleep when you have to wake up at 6:30!!! Back at home that seems so early to go to bed, but here it is so late!!! hahaha
What else happened this week? Lets see oh FYI if you are ever in Bay Roberts and you need the fire fighters..don't call 911 (you get the Corner Brook emergency center...9 hours away) So we were driving back from a lesson with some members, the house next to us in under construction...almost finished..well I look over and it looks like there is smoke coming from somewhere. We park and go look...there was black smoke pouring out of this house!!! We called 911 and gave them our address. 10 min later we get a call back, the lady told me that I need to step outside and talk to the police officer. We told her that we were outside, and that no one had showed up...well come to find out, There is a Country Road in Corner Brook too...the fire department showed up to that address...we felt so bad. Well a couple of minuets later the fire department finally arrived. We were stuck at home for a couple of hours (our car was blocked by three fire trucks!! haha) Well in the end it was a light that someone left on that was set on some plastic in the Attic...So sad!! The entire house is condemned...and they were almost ready for people to move I think! Moral of the story...IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DON'T CALL 911!!!! hahaha
Speaking of cold was in the single digits the other night...Not sure what that means in American terms..I think like 40 ish?! We are halfway through this we will get transfer news in...HOLY CRAP...a week from this Saturday. I really don't understand where the time goes! I am not sure how long President Leavitt will keep us here...usually when missionaries come and leave Newfoundland they fly, but there was some kind of event going on when I got here, and flights were over $1000 to fly..PER PERSON!! I am excited and nervous for this coming transfer call...I will be done training...which means if need be I could train!! I will also hit my 3 month mark on Friday. I don't know how that happened! Speaking of which Mickey you need to send me three you did for Bob.
The branch here is so small...we have a list of about 100 people...on a normal Sunday we have about 8 show up...That's not counting the missionary couple (The Romney's..who actually go home on the 22nd) and us. Last Monday I got to chat with Bobby...He told me about the branch that he is working sounds a lot like investigators, in active members and very few active. Its very hard here to get anyone interested in the church...everyone here practices the religion that they grew up as...the worst thing that you could ever do here is change your religion.
I am so excited for Steph and Craig!!!! I sent them a card today...Make sure you give them a hug for me!! 
oh speaking of pictures.. will you send me some family pics and stuff, so I can put them in my room.   
Sorry you had to clean out all of my stuff! I hope you did not throw anything away!!! ;) Is Andrew still living with you? That would be really cool if he started dating Megan!
Sounds like Alex is really the party animal!! ;) How is her new boyfriend Mackay doing? Do you like him as much as we love Kelsey?! haha I am just giving you a hard time!!!
Mickey how was the marathon? How did your training go? mom says you started training kinda late!
Amanda...How are you feeling? I hope Kaylee and Nick are both treating you well!! Any Exciting stories from work Nick? Kaylee Baylee fee fi oh waylee...KAYLEE!!! I LOVE YOU!!
Dad how was the movie that you took mic to? anything that I need to make sure that I see when I get home? How is work going?
Mom hows work...I am kinda jealous that you got a pajama day!! It sounds nice to me!! haha I wanted to cry when my alarm went off this morning!! I don't even know how to explain it...just that it HURTS to wake up sometimes!!
Well I love you all so much!! I hope everyone is doing well (getting good grades?) Man am I so glad that I don't have to go to school everyday..and homework ... I would rather eat dirt than do homework right now ;)
Thank you all for your love and support!! I miss you all, but I will be home soon enough...not too soon though!!!
Love Sister Riddle :)