Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Hello Hello..Whats on the go?
Sorry it took so long to get the email out today....The Internet was down at the church, so we had to get permission to use a members computer. This past week has not been to exciting. Just working hard, teaching...well trying to teach a lot. Our two investigators that we had on date are no longer on date, because they did not show up to church! We are meeting with them this week and trying to stress the importance of church!
The pics of Alex are way cute!! Bobby's pics this week are kinda scary! haha he has a pretty cool tan line! I am sending my SD card home a bday package for Mickey! I am not sure how long it will take to get there.
I really can not think of much that we did this week. Oh yesterday we carved pumpkins with President (branch president) and Sister Young. I think President Leavitt is coming out to visit Bay Roberts this week. That will be really nice to have him come out and see what is going on! We just heard about the hurricane down on the east coast..schools are closed in New York? So crazy!! I have no idea if we will get hit or not...The weather is sick here...WET!!! All the time...and it has not really been raining...there is so much fog and this weird comes down it does not help to use an umbrella haha. My coat and my boots are AMAZING!!!!! It was down to 5 degrees again this week...only getting colder!!!
Ok, so I decided that you need to YouTube people speaking in this Newfie Accent! haha I have decided that it is like pirates!! I have started to use the language when I speak! haha without even trying I will just say something that Sister Ott does not understand and she will just bust up laughing. I guess I am doing a good job learning the language!
Oh my gosh...Nick has to grow a beard!!! hahaha that makes me laugh!!!!!! you will have to send me pics!
I am sorry this letter is so short this week...I don't have much time to email.
I hope everything is going well at home....I know there is something else that I am forgetting to tell you...I cant think of it now.
Love Sister Riddle

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