Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Months Out

Hello Dad
Hey Dad, thanks for sharing those experiences with me. They really do boost
my moral. Well it sounds like you guys are having fun in the cold Utah. For you guys it is getting colder and for me it is getting warmer its kind of funny that we are on opposite sides of the earth. I often don't think that I am really in Africa, but then I remember, and all I can think is that this is crazy.  Well if your on the computer write me back I will have about another hour and a half to email!

Hello Mother
How is everything? Everything is going good here in Ghana. I know its crazy that I am 6 months.  I love Ghana. I don't like thinking of the day that I have to go home. And I just looked at my tag and I have 3 stickers from Michaela. This week has been exhausting,  I am so tired but its a good tired. We teach about 12 lessons a week and this week we had a lot of failed lessons because people here, they say one thing but do the other. So we set appointments but they are never there when we come, it stresses me out. Who is Alex asking to the dance(i will just tease her small) Well, the weather in utah right now is getting colder... am I right? Well here in Ghana it is getting hotter because the wind will blow down the air that is in the Sahara desert down to Ghana. So here is hoping that I don't die of heat. Well I think thats all i have. I am writing another letter to you guys today and will send it tomorrow. I sent a letter to Rachele last week through the Ghana post office and it cost about 1.50 Cedis.(pronounced CD's) Will I have to do that every single time I send a letter to her? Or can I use a pouch address? Let me know. Well I have about one and a half hours left so if you are on write me back but if not I love you Mom!

From Ghana With love
Elder Riddle

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