Monday, October 8, 2012

A lot of info coming from home!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been very good. And there is a lot of information coming from home. A LOT! So it turns out Kelsey is going on a mission because of the change of age. I am happy this happened!
  To answer your questions, no I did not get to watch conference. I will get to watch it in about 2 months after they translate it in to twi. So even when I watch it I will not be able to understand it very well... the packages you sent me... I have gotten one of them. It was the one filled with the note paper and envelopes.(thanks i got the hint). But the other two, I have not seen. Hopefully I will when Elders Larson and Sarpong come back from Kumasi this week. They are going down for zone leader counsel and they are coming back on Wednesday. um... story for the week.... oh Tuesday night there was a crazy storm that came over Sunyani. Honestly I thought our house was going to fall down because of the rain, wind, and the thunder. The thunder was crazy it shook our house. I felt our house move... it was crazy. Because of this storm we were with out power the rest of the week and still in Fiapre right now we have no power. 

I was able to email Bobby for a couple of minutes this morning...this is what he wrote.

I know, I have been slacking in the letter department. I told myself a couple days ago that I am writing you guys once a week. I am sorry for that and I know you guys are worried about me. No, I have not had any problems being sick, except once when I was taking my contacts out, I scratched my eye pretty bad. Enough that I could not open it. But Sister Thayne took good care of me. How are you guys doing? The work is going very slow. Honestly I feel like Fiapre branch is going to take some time before it grows. Its hard work but its fun work!  Hey I have been wondering about your mission a lot. How many lessons would you teach a week?

We had a program set up that if we made a certain amount we would get recognized.  I will look it up in my journal but I think we had to teach 72 lessons a month to reach it.  I made it twice.....We also had to track xxxx amount of hours.  I took me awhile to realize though that no matter how much time I put in, I could not find the people by soon as we as a companionship stared fasting and praying earnestly for certain things we found that the Lord preformed miracles.  One time we had fasted and a member, out of the blue came up to us and told us his secretary was ready to be baptized.  We taught her in one week and baptized her following saturday.  Our heavenly Father is there...we just have to ask. 

Thats about how many we are teaching a transfer!  We have our branch conference in 2 or 3 weeks and our mission president is coming for that. I think he will pull missionaries out of Fiapre because it is not growing.Its sad to think but it might happen.

Put it to the test....the lord is bound when you do what he says.

I will do that...!! Hey I heard a rumor that sister missionaries are going to serve the full 24 months. Is that true?  
No, just the 18 months.  Nothing else changed, just the age.
Oh, wow! The Thaynes came over on Sunday and told us about the age change. We read it on the internet, but they did not know about the time they will serve. Any-other news? How was the wedding? Will you send me pictures in a letter the ones you emailed me were to big to look at.

Well thats my week. I have letters coming for you all.
Love ya
From Ghana with love
Elder Riddle

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