Monday, October 22, 2012

Great Things are Happening!!!

Well Hello!!
I can not believe that another week has gone by!! This week felt so long but as always goes so fast! I don't remember if I told you that they opened up a new area in Newfoundland...Grand Falls. Well one of the assistance and his companion are out there...they drove down and had lunch with us on Wednesday. They gave us some great advice, and then challenged us not to go knocking for the rest of the week. Instead to use only our area book. We took them up on the challenge and went through a lot of former investigators and other records that we have.We found three new investigators, and two of them are on date for baptism.
Pauline is a former investigator that the Elders here were teaching about 5 years ago...they knocked into her right after her daughter committed suicide. They did all kinds of service for her and taught her a little, but mostly just let her cry to them. Well, we went and visited her the other day. She invited us right in, and she said we could come back. We taught her the plan of salvation on the second visit, and asked her to be baptized. She said she would, she said "this is God reaching out to me"...what an amazing lesson that was!! The spirit is an amazing thing. It touches people in a way that they need. I know that she felt the spirit bear witness to her, and she knew it was from God. It is moments like those that remind me why I chose to go on a mission. To help others find the truth, to help them feel and know the things that I grew up with.
Dale is our other investigator on date. She was a potential that the Elders found many years ago...she is friends with one of the less actives in our branch. We were able to teach her twice last week as well. She said that she learned a little bit about Joseph Smith, but asked us to tell her more! It is so exciting to have someone come to you and ask you to tell them more...most of the time we try to tell them and they cut us off!
I am so glad that we took the Elders advice and did not go knocking for the rest of the week. There are amazing things waiting to happen here in Bay Robers. (the last baptism that they had was 7 years ago.) I am so grateful that I can be a part of it!!
It sounds like you all had a good week. I will admit, I am slightly jealous that Amanda and Nick are in Hawaii soaking up the sun...while I am here FREEZING!!! No, it has not been that bad this week...It has been in the teens all week the week before was much colder!!!
So yesterday we went to dinner at the Branch Presidents house...His daughter has a kitten...I know I know DON'T TOUCH THE CAT!! But, how can you not...when they are that little they are just so cute. Well I should have listened to you...My eye swelled eyeball..that has never happened before! haha well President Young gave me a Benadryl and I was fine! I know I can hear you in the back of my head! It was my own stupid fault...I should know better by now! I am 22 years old...You think I would have learned from MANY experiences!
This week is going to fly by...Mondays never really happen...They are gone with a blink of an eye! And on Tuesday we are headed back down to st John's for another training! We have some lessons set up...I hope they don't fall through this week...
Oh the Romneys (the senior couple who lived up stairs) are on their way home...Mom, Sister Romney asked for your phone maybe you should keep your phone with you. haha They are from St. George...I cant wait to go visit them when I get home!
Dad I did not know that you printed Taytens wedding announcements....
I cant think of anything else that is going on...I will try to send some pics from the last few weeks
Love Sister Riddle

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