Monday, November 5, 2012

Transfered and called to be District Leader

Hello Everyone

How is everything going? Well this week has been very busy. On Thursday we
got up around 4 am because we had to get on a bus to go to Kumasi for a Zone Conference. We had to be in Kumasi by 9am. We learned a lot from President Holmes (mission President) he is changing up our mission this transfer. He just called new Zone Leaders and District Leaders. (we will get to that in a minute) He even called a new Assistant. After the zone conference we left Kumasi around 4:30pm and got back home around 8pm. That bus ride kills me every time we have to go down to Kumasi because it is not a normal road. (the roads are worse than Pleasant Grove roads). 

So we got transfer news on Saturday..... President Holmes called me to be a district leader. The funny part is that I am being transferred but I am staying in Sunyani. I am just moving to a different branch in Sunyani called Estates. Its like moving from Pleasant Grove to American Fork. I will be the District Leader for 4 missionaries including myself, my companion, and the zone leaders. It should be interesting! 
Well nothing much else has been going on. Oh, my new companion is Elder Cheweshe from Zimbabwe. He is the Elder at Estates. He is really a cool Missionary. He just finished his training. He has only been out for 3 months. hmmmm what else can I tell you about. I know missionaries are not supposed to have pets, but this pet is we have is really a future dinner. We had a chicken sneek in to our compound and we kept chasing her out, but she kept coming back and soon we found out why... because she laid some eggs in our bushes. So now we have 1 mama chicken and 5 little chicks running around our compound. Its pretty cool, really. So I told you that we finished our goat pen, but we have not caught all the goats yet. Hopefully we will do that tonight. Well
thats about all from me this week. Thanks for everything! Love you all!
From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
Looks like Watermelons....

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