Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello from Newfoundland and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!
What a great weekend!!! And a great way to start this week...Today is Thanksgiving, and we are going over to a members house for dinner...well lunch. Conference was amazing!! I was so shocked to hear the big news! I too thought of Kelsey...That is so cool that she is putting her papers in!!! It made me a little jealous...if only they lowered the age when I was 19! No, I know that I am here at this time for a reason..I have already started to see that reason.
Sounds like the wedding was really nice...Send me some pics. I wish I could have been there.
Well we have teaching a lot..less actives and members. We have two new investigators. John and Jenaveive...we met both of them knocking. They seem interested. We should be seeing John tomorrow morning, and Jenaveive we need to call her...she was in town with her husband for medical stuff last week. We are going to help the Parsons (less actives) paint tomorrow! Jake and Bonnie have been members for years, and have such strong testimony's. They know that they need to get back to church, it is just a matter of finding time. They are some of the funniest people ever..well mostly Jake. He is a fisherman, and full Newfoundlander. He has a very strong accent. Every time we say goodbye he ends up kissing me on the check...ugh!!!
Well come this Sunday I will be done training!!! And we get transfer news on Saturday night. I am slightly excited to hear what will be happening.
I think I have found a is $80 one of the investigators in Mount Pearl has been keeping her eye out for warm winter clothing for us. She found one at Costco and said it is one of the warmest for cheapest that she has seen. I am also looking for boots. I have not seen anything yet. Mom I will have to see if I can find one of those stores close by. If you are looking and you see anything cheap and warm maybe you should order it for me. Or if you see any warmer, shoes...snow should not start to fall till January ish...rummors. But my flats are not very warm. And I dont know if it will make you happy or not...but I have started to do so much walking, that one of my pairs of shoes has a hole in it...already...I know Three months in!! :P Do you think the coat is a good price...I have not seen it yet. I will see it tomorrow, and it can be returned if it does not work.
Thanks for sendind me some pics of the wedding...So pretty!!! Keep an eye out for the letters that I will put in the mail today...not sure when you should get them...everything is closed her today...but i think things will be back up and running tomorrow.
I love you all so much!!! I think I will be on the computer most of the and we can not do anything else. I will also check my email so if anyone would like to email me back i would not hate it :D
Sister Riddle

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