Monday, October 1, 2012

3 Months Out

Hello Again!!!
I have no idea where the past week a missionary we only have three day weeks...Monday, Friday, and Sunday are the only days that I can ever remember...Mondays is preparation day...who can forget that? Fridays are weekly planning...we take most of the day to plan the entire week...and Sundays...well we get to go to church!! I can not even tell you what we did any of the other days unless I look at my planner.
Let see this week was good...We are taking the council that Elder Gay gave us, working with the less actives and members. We taught 4 less actives this week, and visited most of the members! We even had a couple of the less actives come to church yesterday!!! It was so exciting to see them walk in. We went to their house last Wednesday (Jake and Bonnie) got to know them and it really sounded like it would take some work to get them to come...but as we were singing the opening hymn they walked in... I was leading the music and I just about passed out when they walked in!!
Saturday night we got to watch the Relief Society General Conference. SO GOOD!!! We also did not get to go to bed till about 11:30..can I just tell you how much that throws off your sleep when you have to wake up at 6:30!!! Back at home that seems so early to go to bed, but here it is so late!!! hahaha
What else happened this week? Lets see oh FYI if you are ever in Bay Roberts and you need the fire fighters..don't call 911 (you get the Corner Brook emergency center...9 hours away) So we were driving back from a lesson with some members, the house next to us in under construction...almost finished..well I look over and it looks like there is smoke coming from somewhere. We park and go look...there was black smoke pouring out of this house!!! We called 911 and gave them our address. 10 min later we get a call back, the lady told me that I need to step outside and talk to the police officer. We told her that we were outside, and that no one had showed up...well come to find out, There is a Country Road in Corner Brook too...the fire department showed up to that address...we felt so bad. Well a couple of minuets later the fire department finally arrived. We were stuck at home for a couple of hours (our car was blocked by three fire trucks!! haha) Well in the end it was a light that someone left on that was set on some plastic in the Attic...So sad!! The entire house is condemned...and they were almost ready for people to move I think! Moral of the story...IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DON'T CALL 911!!!! hahaha
Speaking of cold was in the single digits the other night...Not sure what that means in American terms..I think like 40 ish?! We are halfway through this we will get transfer news in...HOLY CRAP...a week from this Saturday. I really don't understand where the time goes! I am not sure how long President Leavitt will keep us here...usually when missionaries come and leave Newfoundland they fly, but there was some kind of event going on when I got here, and flights were over $1000 to fly..PER PERSON!! I am excited and nervous for this coming transfer call...I will be done training...which means if need be I could train!! I will also hit my 3 month mark on Friday. I don't know how that happened! Speaking of which Mickey you need to send me three you did for Bob.
The branch here is so small...we have a list of about 100 people...on a normal Sunday we have about 8 show up...That's not counting the missionary couple (The Romney's..who actually go home on the 22nd) and us. Last Monday I got to chat with Bobby...He told me about the branch that he is working sounds a lot like investigators, in active members and very few active. Its very hard here to get anyone interested in the church...everyone here practices the religion that they grew up as...the worst thing that you could ever do here is change your religion.
I am so excited for Steph and Craig!!!! I sent them a card today...Make sure you give them a hug for me!! 
oh speaking of pictures.. will you send me some family pics and stuff, so I can put them in my room.   
Sorry you had to clean out all of my stuff! I hope you did not throw anything away!!! ;) Is Andrew still living with you? That would be really cool if he started dating Megan!
Sounds like Alex is really the party animal!! ;) How is her new boyfriend Mackay doing? Do you like him as much as we love Kelsey?! haha I am just giving you a hard time!!!
Mickey how was the marathon? How did your training go? mom says you started training kinda late!
Amanda...How are you feeling? I hope Kaylee and Nick are both treating you well!! Any Exciting stories from work Nick? Kaylee Baylee fee fi oh waylee...KAYLEE!!! I LOVE YOU!!
Dad how was the movie that you took mic to? anything that I need to make sure that I see when I get home? How is work going?
Mom hows work...I am kinda jealous that you got a pajama day!! It sounds nice to me!! haha I wanted to cry when my alarm went off this morning!! I don't even know how to explain it...just that it HURTS to wake up sometimes!!
Well I love you all so much!! I hope everyone is doing well (getting good grades?) Man am I so glad that I don't have to go to school everyday..and homework ... I would rather eat dirt than do homework right now ;)
Thank you all for your love and support!! I miss you all, but I will be home soon enough...not too soon though!!!
Love Sister Riddle :)

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