Monday, October 15, 2012

Trying to stay warm!!!!

Hello again!!
I Love Mondays! I love being able to hear how everyone is doing!! (I do wish Elder Riddle would send his emails earlier...He is three hous ahead of me and still I dont get them till later.) Yes I bought a coat!! And boots too...Don't kill me but the boots were around $100 and the coat was $80...Andria Best (truly this family is the BEST family) found the coat from Costco for is very warm it goes almost down to my knees!!!! and she also got me a warm pair of gloves (that she wont let me pay her back for.) The boots are very warm as well...I was happy because they don't look ugly with a skirt!
This week has been a crazy week...Monday was Thanksgiving...I have no idea what Canadian Thanksgiving is, all I know is they eat good food!!! We went over to a members house..The Shorts. (The Romenys also went) They have been members for around 15 years, Brother Short is not an active member...they made a really yummy turkey with all of the fix ins...including know like the song..Peas porage hot, Peas porage cold, Peas porage in the pot 9 days old...well I am not a fan. All of the Newfoundlanders say it is there favorite...NOT SURE WHY! After we ate we stayed and played dominoes with them (not sure if that is in line with the mission rules) :D
Tuesday we went to St John's for a District Meeting. It sure is good to get together with other missionaries every once in a while. We did our shopping for the week while we were in St John's (all of the stores were closed on Monday) That's when I found my boots. Oh then we came back to Bay Robert's and had a lesson with a member...Petra. She has been a member for a long time, but just started coming back to church like 5 years ago. She is going to the temple for the first time next Tuesday! She is so excited. Wednesday was a bust day...I got the stomach flu..NO FUN. But I am all good now! But I hate wasting an entire day!!! It is one of the worst feelings ever!!! Thursday was also spent in St John's. Elder Fulley (The Fulleys work in the mission office) called and told us that it was time for us to get an oil change..So we drove back to St John's...Thank heavens the Mount Pearl Sisters took their lunch break while we were there... they came and got us form the car place and took us to lunch... it took about 3 hours for our car to get done...I am so glad we did not have to sit there the entire time!!!! Well after that we drove back to Bay Roberts and tried to find some people to teach!...No such luck! :P Friday...Fridays are not my favorite days!!! Weekly planning! We get to sit in our study and plan out the entire week to takes at least 3 and a half hours...if we are lucky! And takes longer when you actually have investigators to plan for. The rest of the day was mostly spent knocking on knuckles are starting to get bruised hahaha. I think that the cold weather is making everyone grumpy!! They don't like us knocking on there doors after dark..well it gets dark at like 6:30...We are out working till we get some grumpy people sometimes! Sister Ott told me that she has never had as many people yell at her as she has with me. Saturday...Same thing..Knocking and more knocking!! Oh we did get transfer news...Nothing is changing with me, but Sister Davis (from Mount Pearl) is being transferred to St John New Brunswick. It will be hard for her to leave...she has been in Mount Pearl her entire mission (9 months) you get attached really fast!! Sundays are always Good...Church is fun...only 7 of us were at church yesterday...The Romenys are leaving next week. They are headed home. It will be sad not to have them here...we will be getting a new mission couple some time i am guessing around November.
Well not too much else is going on...we are going to St John's today to spend the rest of the preparation day with the other missionaries..and to tell sister Davis goodbye.
Oh you asked about Sister Ott...She is from Oregon...she has one younger sister ho is my age. She was a high school teacher and a kindergarten teacher right before she came out on her mission.
I will send my Camera Card home this week so you can have all of my pictures.
Sounds like you all had a fun fall break! I cant believe it is that time already!!! Crazy how the time flies by!
Good Luck on you date Alex!!!! :D send me pictures!!! You should let Andrew would be fun.
No mickey has not sent me stickers yet!
Well I think that is all for this week.
I did not get a chance to put those letters in the mail last week so I will send them this week!
Love Sister Riddle
PS it is getting cold here!! It was only 5 out while we were knocking the other night...I still don't know what that is in American language, but it is cold..really cold when the wind blows..and even colder when it is really humid. Oh mom you know those cute flower headbands that we got from Ti Pan? The ones that go over your ears? If you happen to see any of them I know I have a green one and I thought I got one from New York too...anyway they would really help my ears stay a cute way...I do have normal ear warmers but those ones are cute and fun! I know Dad wont get it hahaha :D

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