Monday, December 3, 2012

Let it Snow!!

Hello Family!!!

How is everything going?!!! This week has been....CRAZY!!! We started off the week with exchanges...Sister Huppe (rhymes with puppy) came up to Bay Roberts from mount pearl. Being the Junior companion I am not allowed to drive the car...however I get permission to drive when we exchange and I stay in my area...well on Tuesday we were out at a lesson and it started to snow...a lot!! I got in the car, started it, turned on the windshield wipers....THEY DID NOT WORK!! We had to have the car taken in to the st john' it was back to the mount pearl is very small...well the car did not get fixed...I am emailing from the Mount Pearl library! haha We have been here way too long!!!!! I feel like I am on a mini vacation! NOT GOOD...I NEED TO GET BACK TO BAY ROBERTS!!!
I will send a few pictures!!! but we had a very big snow storm..have I ever told you that I HATE the snow?! Well I will tell you again!! I HATE THE SNOW!!! It was -7 while we were out like 6:30pm!!! I feel like I am in the arctic!!! IT IS SO COLD! We had to shovel our drive way twice...and we also gave service to several total...we shoveled about 7 driveways!! It was sister Otts first time ever! We also went to a Gingerbread making activity here at the St Johns branch! SO FUN!!! I will send pics of that as well!
I have not been able to work in Bay Roberts all week, but in Mount Pearl we got someone on date...his name is Jamie..he has been taught before...all four of us sisters taught him. It wen really well. We also found a few potential investigators...I feel like there are more people willing to hear about the gospel in Mount Pearl then there are in Bay Roberts..we don't often find that many people who will let us come back around the bay.
We got to go to the Christmas Devotional last did not start (our time) until 9:30 so late...I never thought I would say that! haha but i guess when you have to wake up at 6:30 everyday and we are in by 9 every night..9:30-10:30 is really late! I am feeling the effects of it today!  
Well we have had a fun week this week! now if only our car will get fixed so we can go and find people to teach!!! (in Bay Roberts!)

It sounds like the baptism went well!!!! I still wish I could have been there!  Mickey I think Chicken Nuggets would have been good!! But pizza is good too!! haha
I can not believe that we get to have another little girl!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! Amanda and Nick have you thought of any names that you want to share with me? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK NICK!!!!! there is a little something from Newfoundland on its way!!! Its not much!
Alex so help me if I come home and you have a boyfriend!!! YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!!!! ;)

Hope you all have a good week!!!

I sent a small christmas package...nothing big!!! I cant wait to talk to you all on the phone!!!

Rachele :)
Oh ps I got mickeys baptism invite...the mail man ate half of it haha

Christmas Tree at Rachele's Appartment

Rachele is sad because postman ripped Mic's Baptism Invite

Let it Snow!! And its COLD

Rachele, Elders Unger and Marks

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