Monday, December 3, 2012

2 Cedi Fufu, 1 Cedi Meat

So before I start my letter, I have something to say..... Today Elder Chiweshe went and ate fufu for lunch and I thought I was hungry and decided to be a big man and buy 2 cedi fufu and one cedi meat (thats alot of food). YES, I did eat it all but it is what happened after I ate EVERYTHING.... As we were walking from the fufu place to the internet cafe... lets just say I left some fufu on the road. Yes, I thru everything up that I just ate and payed for!!!  But, I feel better now!

So on that note.... 

 Dear Everyone 

How is everything going this week?  It has been a trying week for me. I have been stressed, mad ,sad, happy tired, hungry (holy crap I sound like a woman) ha ha
Well lets just say this week has been hard!  To start it off, Elder Chiweshe and I have been working our butts off, but nothing is happening. This week we had close to 17 lessons PLANNED but we only had about 7 of those (thats one lesson a day) I dont know why, maybe its because of the Ghana election that is coming up this Friday. But, I just don't know. The work is hard right now. So, speaking of the Ghana Elections this week, our mission president is thinking that the Ghanaian people will not be happy when the results for the election come in so he told all the missionaries to stay in side on friday. So just say a prayer that nothing goes wrong this Friday. I know I am.  
This past week I have been mad at the people of Ghana because everyone that sees me askes me who am I going to vote for in THEIR  election. And every time they ask, I ask them.. Do you really want me to vote? And they think about it for a min and say, ya, I think you can help! And then I say, do you want an American to pick who your next president is? And then they figure out that they were asking me a retarded question! This week I have had a very short temper and I know I need to fix that!

So we have an investigator named Judith! Missionaries have been working with her for about 6 months, but she has never come to church. This week we saw her and invited her to be baptized, because she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true. She said she will think and pray about it but she feels like she needs to be baptized so we told her that if she wants to be baptized than she has to start coming to church because we can receive our answers to our prayers when we come to church. That was on Thursday. We had not called her to remind her we had just planned on her making her own choice. Well, I get a call durring sacrament and its her!!! She said, I am standing at the church's sign board but I don't know what building it is.  What? she's here?  Well I go and get her and right as she sits down the testimony meeting starts and the first person that gets up talks about BAPTISM! You could feel the spirit testifying to Judith that this is the truth. It was a powerful meeting and I am glad she came. Oh, and the other day while we were at her house she said "i love reading the Book of Mormon because it makes me happy but there are some things i don't understand, but when I finish reading I will go back and read it again" what? man she just  needs to be baptized!! 

So, I sent a Christmas package last Monday. You will all enjoy a little Ghana for Christmas.  Sorry. its not much! 
I did get the "Not a Christmas package"  it was very nice, thank you. 

Mother/Father can you buy me an oil vial?  My companion wants one from the USA because he can't get them in the village he is from. I am just kidding, he is not from a village but the term villager here is an insult so i call him my little villager companion. Anyway, can you buy one for him? Thanks. 

Michaela- Sorry I was not able to come to your baptism. Ii had to go teach someone at 11:30 ha.  How was everything? Sorry you did not get your chicken nuggets. How was your day? Did you feel happy the entire day?

Alex- stay a way from the Boys!!!!!!
jk just be smart who you are hanging around with. how are your friends? How is Mckay?

Well thats all I have for you guys this week 
Love you all 
from Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle

Gotta love P-Days!!!

Ghana Kumasi Missionaries

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