Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years from New Foundland!

Hello Everyone!!!
Is it really a start of a new week...and a new year?! I can hardly believe it!! Well not much has happened this past week...Like Bobby, it was really slow. Christmas time makes everyone too busy to learn about Christ...Weird I know!!! Our one and only investigator Pauline, is no longer progressing...she is back on the Coffee and knows it is wrong...she also won't read the Book of Mormon. She has had amazing experiences reading the Book of Mormon and receiving answers that she has been searching for, but she wont continue reading...if she does not progress this week we may have to drop her :(

Well today we are headed BACK to St John's...I feel like we spend more time there then we do in our own area!!! Sister Huppe is going to a leadership training with the District leaders and Zone leaders (she is the senior sister in Newfoundland) and we have to be in a trio with sister Nelson for a couple of days. So we will be spending most of our week there...and then we will get another phone call from the assistants trying to help us get our numbers up...well they would be a lot better if we were to spend the entire week in Bay Roberts! haha but I am not bitter about it at all!! ;)

So a little birdie told me that a certain 16 year old sister of mine has a boy friend?! WHAT?!!! Why did I not get an email from you this morning?!! I expect details!!!! :D

If you can you should send me a picture of Jessica's boyfriend!! I want to see!

Well not much is going on this week!! (transfer calls are on friday!) I will let you know if I am moving of staying on monday!!

I hope you all have a great New Year and an even better week!!!

The Church is true!!!

Love Rachele

Oh and to answer your concerns mom...I will not be in by 10 tonight....I will be in by 6!!!!!

Oh PS Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad (Last week) I forgot to tell you on the phone, but I did think it on the 27th!!!

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