Monday, December 10, 2012

Wishing for a GREEN Christmas!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Sorry we had to email so late today!! but at least I get to email!! Sounds like you all had a very good week! This week went by CRAZY fast! We did not get back to Bay Roberts (from Mount Pearl) until late Tuesday.  We did our normal visits to people here on Wednesday and Thursday. and then on Friday the nativity opened!!!! And President and Sister Leavitt came to Bay Roberts! They were here all weekend, and just left this morning. It is always so great to have them here! They are always teaching me something new, and at every turn helping me see the bigger picture of things! I love them! Well they took us out to breakfast this morning. So good...We went to this place called "Mad Rock Cafe" its like home cooking of Newfoundland!!!

There is not too much planned for this week. We are having district meeting tomorrow! I guess we are going to have some serious training meeting for the next couple of months! We just had some of the, I don't know what to call them...they are over the mission department, and they travel out to visit all of the missions. well they said that our mission is very young...and we need more training! (the average missionary in our mission has only been out 4 months.) so crazy! Oh speaking of young...we just found out that we are getting 3 young sisters all I think are 19..they should be coming in February or March!

Unlike Bobby I am wishing for a very GREEN Christmas!!!! I got your Christmas is sitting under my Christmas tree. It has not snowed since that crazy storm that I told you about last week, but it is really windy and really cold! The wind has a way of blowing right through me....BITTER COLD!!!

It is so interesting to me that we are just into our second week of this transfer, and Bobby is waiting for transfer news!! We wont have transfers till after Christmas. I am getting nervous about that...I am almost certain that I am being kicked off "The Rock" aka Newfoundland. :(

Oh we also just found out details for the Christmas call home...we can either skype or call for an hour....I am guessing we want to call? let me know! We can work out all of the details tomorrow...oh and I guess we can even chat about it on Christmas Eve! :D I cant wait to talk to everyone! I also need to talk to the branch president here to find out how to call Newfoundland haha...I am not sure what the country code is!

Well I cant think of much else that is going on! I want you to know that I do have a testimony of this church...It is true! I love it! I am so grateful for it!!


Happy Birthday on Wednesday Amanda!! I know you wont get it in time, but I did send you and nick a little something for your is in the little Christmas box that I sent home...nothing big, I just wanted the girls to all have something from Newfoundland on Christmas!!
Oh PS did nick ever really grow out his hair?!! I have not yet seen any pictures! Oh and send me pictures of the 3D ultrasound!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!! give Kaylee a kiss and a hug for me!!!

Mickey!! How are you? Are you ready for Christmas?! What did you ask for? I bet you will get the jeep ;) haha How is school you still love it?!

Alex how are the boys?! Are you dating yet?! GROUP dating that is!! oh PS stay out of my box of clothes!!!!! (LOVE YOU) you can wear them just as long as i get them all back...they can not leave the house!!!! :D

Mom and Dad...are you done christmas shopping yet?!! I think that is one of the things that I miss the most...SHOPPING!!! haha How is work going? I LOVE YOU!

Oh PS I forgot to tell you...I am now the designated driver. haha Sister Ott does not want to drive in the snow, so she asked president for snow tires on the car..I don't think she realizes how expensive those are....president told her that there is a cheaper solution...have me drive, so he gave me the keys! haha I don't think Sister Ott really likes it...I do!!! My life span just expanded!! I am now in safer hands!!! haha

Well I think that is all for this week!!



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