Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years! From Ghana

Hello Everyone! 
Happy New Year (tomorrow)

Well this week has been long! Its been a very slow week because of Christmas. All of our investigators and members left and went to Accra and Kumasi for the holidays. So this week we have had very few lessons, a grand total of 6 lessons with investigators and 5 lessons with recent converts. But good news always follows hard work... we gave a baptismal date to a kid named Kwasi. We have taught him maybe 5 times and have finished talking about the restoration and he understands it, so we invited him to be baptized, AND he said YES! We are planning on his baptism on the 13th of January. He seems to be excited but the bad news is that the day after his baptism he has to go back to school and that  means that he has to move a way (because they go to boarding schools) but all is well!

Well its hard to think of something to tell you guys because I just talked to you all on Tuesday, but lets see.... on Thursday we are going back down to Kumasi! YES! so fun NOT! But we are going down to have a zone conference so hopefully it will be good! (here's hoping) I am sure the conference will be nice but I am not sure about the sweaty metro mass bus ride down. Honestly, I hate metro mass because the buses are 20 years old and the roads are 50 years old. Not really but it feels like that. Oh and the bus drivers can not drive at all!!!! But good news is that I will get real food from Sister Holmes. She likes feeding the missionaries when we have meetings.

um what else.... I started reading the Book of Mormon again! Which is sweet because I love the Book of Mormon. The hard part about this is that I am also reading the Old Testament so I am trying to read both at the same time. Its amazing to see how much I have learned. Missionaries truly are blessed with an understanding of the scriptures. I have enjoyed reading the scriptures! Especially the Book of Mormon.

Well I don't have much else to say this week but I am sure I will be sending home pictures next week, because on the 5th and 6th we are having a district activity and all of the branches (4 of them ) are competing against each other. In games like football basketball and things like that so you will recieve pictures dont worry! 
well i love you all 
from ghana with love 
Elder Riddle

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