Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day in Canada??


Things are going great here...last week went by ever so fast! Monday we (sister Ott and I) started Family Home Evening with the branch...we had several people show up..including 2 less active members and 2 non members!! We are having it again tonight, then it will be on hold for a couple of weeks while we set up the Nativity...the Nativity is an activity that the branch here has put on for the past several years...they collect over 200 nativity sets, and set them up in the church, then we open it to the public to come and see!! We are hoping to get a lot of referrals after the nativity is over!! Well anyway tonight for FHE I think we are playing the Price is Right!! Should be very fun!!
Well last Tuesday we did not do anything out of the ordinary..we (like Bobby) had many lessons fall through! :P Same as Tuesday for Wednesday! Thursday was a busy day...we got to see a lot of people..then the Davis's (the senior couple) invited us over for dinner...SO GOOD!!!! Like Bobby we got everything you would normally eat on thanksgiving...including a turkey! :D Well Friday we got to visit a few people, but most of the day was spent planning for the next week...I do not like weekly planning...we are in the office for way too long!! Saturday...Transfer News Day!! I am staying in Bay Roberts for at least another 6 weeks. Not sure what will happen after that...they might kick me off the Rock aka Newfoundland. Sunday was soooooo Good!!! We had two of the less active members that we have been meeting with show up to church, as well as two non members (neither of which are investigators) The lessons were so what everyone of the less actives needed to hear!! After church we went knocking...The Lord DOES answerer prayers...we found an new investigator...Her name is Doris...we will be seeing her again on Wednesday. we are also still teaching Pauline...she is moving very slowly...she is very scared so we are taking it very slow with her.

You will have to tell Kelsey congratulations from me!! That is so exciting!!!!

And Mickey I am so proud of you for decided to be baptized!! I wish I could be there to see...but Know that I will be thinking of you!! :D

I got the "not a Christmas package" package!!! Thank you!!! the head bands are so cute!! and Very WARM!!!

I am so excited to find out what the Baby is going to be...

Will you send me (if you can) a in the mail... picture of the family?

Well I cant think of anything else that is going on!!!

Love Rachele

Thanksgiving at the Davis's

Rachele and Sister Ott Thanksgiving Day

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