Monday, December 17, 2012

People all around us are prepared to hear the Gospel

Hello Hello!!
Monday Again?! How is that even possible?
This past week was a very slow week..well the work was slow..the time flies by!! It is hard to get in to teach people this close to Christmas..everyone is too busy! I am trying to think of anything that was really eventful that happened this week. Oh we taught Pauline again...we took Sister Davis with was a very good lesson...Pauline still has a hard time letting go of things that happened to her in the past..she does not understand how to fully use the Atonement. She knows that it will make her so much more happy, but she is struggling right now. I know great things are in store for her!
I think I have told you a little about the Moors...two members in the branch. They are amazing!! They are, I think in their mid 60's, they don't have any family members close by. We decided to go help them put up their Christmas tree this week...because it has been sitting in their front room for about a week...Brother moors did not want to put it up...this is their first Christmas without their grandchildren here and you can see how much that hurts them. Well anyway sister Moors is still out with a bad back, so we asked if we could put up the tree!! They were very happy to have us do that! I think we are like their "replacement grandchildren" Brother Moors is always buying us treats when he goes to the store! I just love them so much!
It snowed yesterday... again!!! :P It was very Cold!!!!! Church was weird! Well we decided to go and visit the Moors again, they live in a senior community, and there were prob about 10 cars on the street covered in snow...we decide to give service and scrape all the cars! It was so much fun..while we were out there a little old women named Marjory came out and started talking to us. Come to find out she has meet with missionaries before, but she is a stubborn Pentecostal lady who "already has a Bible"  oh if only I had a quarter for every time I heard that!! Well we will for sure stop in a visit her again...she is very lonely :(
lets see, what else did I do this week... oh how could I forget?! Yesterday a member invited us to go with her to a Pentecostal Christmas Program...Lets just say it was...hmmm...INTERESTING!!! Ok so this was my first time ever going to another Church's service. It was really was this cute little performance about what Christmas really is. but at the end the preacher got up and started...Preaching...haha. you know how it is on movies the preacher on the stage yelling...even though she has a microphone in her hand... and everyone in the congregation has their hands up shouting "amen" and "alleluia." To say the least...I am so grateful that the restored church of Jesus Christ has once again been restored to the earth!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!
Oh so Sister Ott goes tanning for medical reasons, this one time I am sitting in the lobby of this salon, no one else is there except the lady who works there...I have had several little friendly conversations with her, but we have also been in there many times, and I have been thinking of how I can share the gospel with here..well I am sitting there and I am saying a little prayer asking how I can open my mouth...when out of the blue this young lady says "your not from around here are you?"!!! BINGO!! That is my way in!! So I told her where I am from and she starts asking questions about why I am here...she then goes on to say that she has see the Elders (well she called them little boys with name tags) walking down the street...she asked if we also go knocking on doors like they did...then just what every missionary wants to hear, she says "I have always wished that I was home when they came knocking" Wait...What?!!! I gave her our phone number and invited her to come to the Nativity. Christmas is a very busy time for her, but she said is is very interested in having us over to share with her more about why we are all they way in Newfoundland to share! So cool!!!! That experience re testified to me that A) God answerer's prayers..B) people all around us are prepared to hear the Gospel, all we need to do is open our mouths and C) You can be a missionary anywhere that you go!!!
This week is going to be very busy!! Tonight we are going Caroling! :D Wednesday night is the Branch Christmas Dinner. Thursday is our Zone Conference...President and Sister Leavitt are coming, along with the assistants and the rest of the missionaries in Newfoundland. we are having a training, then a Christmas feast, then a white elephant exchange. oh and a talent show...blah!! Should be lots of fun..minus the last know me!!
As for next week...I will send you a little email tomorrow after President emails me back, i am not sure if I will be able to talk to Bobby :( I think I will cry if he wont let me...and I don't know if we are allowed to use the mission phones for calling home...I need to find out and then I will let you know either tomorrow, or on Monday aka Christmas eve!
Well I think that is all for tonight!! Sorry it is once again so late!


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