Monday, January 7, 2013

TRANSFER WEEK! New Brunswick or Bust!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

This week has been a bit crazy out in Newfoundland....I spent the first half of the week in mount pearl. Sister Huppe went to a leadership training in Halifax, and we needed to be in a trio with her companion Sister Nelson. We had a lot of fun. After we took Sister Huppe to the airport, we went out to eat...well it was New Years Eve, and everything was closed....except for McDonald' went to McDonald's. Yes Bobby it was very good!!! :D Well after we were done we were getting up to leave, the couple that was sitting next to us we could hear making little comments about our name tags so we went over and started talking to them. It was so cool we were able to teach two different lessons at the same time because there was three of us there. They are both very interested and the Mount Pearl Sisters, I am sure, will be teaching them soon!!!

Our investigator Pauline committed to baptism...AGAIN. This is the third time...if she does not come to church next week then we will have to drop her...which is so sad. She is so prepared and understands everything!! Well because we got her on date we had permission to call the assistants. (this is after I got that email on Friday) so I called Elder Unger (assistant) and told him about Pauline, then told him about my email. He told me they sent it to the wrong person and I was not being transferred. Then he says "I cant lie" I knew he could not tell me where I was going, But he did give me a big hint. He said "you might be the new zone leader in NEW BRUNSWICK" Well the next day was transfer calls...they thought it would be funny to call Bay Roberts last...they start calling at 8:30 our time and did not call us till 3. AHHH... it was the longest wait of my life!!!! Well they finally called, told Sister Ott where she would be (here in Bay Roberts with Sister Nelson from Mount Pearl) and they went on the tell us where all of the other sisters were going..except for me. They finally asked if I wanted to know where I would be...UMMMMM YES!!!!!!! Well I am going to New Brunswick. I will be serving in two areas...Hampton and Saint John (not to be confused with St. John's Newfoundland.) Well I am pretty sure that President Leavitt is setting me up to train a new sister in the coming transfers. I am pretty sure when that happens that I will be in Hampton. My new companion is Sister Davis (remember Sister Davis that served in Mount Pearl?! Yes the same one!!! I am so excited!!)

Well a lot of Saturday I packed...I HATE PACKING!!! It is so hard to get everything that you own to fit in two large suitcases, and one carry on. Oh by the way I had to go buy a new bag...The small duffel that I left with was not going to cut it..I hope that is ok?!  Well I have not had to cook a meal since I found out that I am leaving...we all of a sudden have dinner appointments coming out of our ears!! haha we are headed to see the Parsons (less active) and Nellie (less active) for dinner and supper. then tonight at 7  we have been invited to Family Home Evening with the ward...AKA going away party. They do this for every missionary that comes and leaves Bay Roberts!

Lets see..what else can I tell you?! Oh ya...I leave on Wednesday around 6:30pm I have no idea who will be picking me up...I am pretty sure I will be staying in the mission home that night, then I don't know if I will be going to transfer lunch or if i get to go on the transfer van at 4:30 in the morning...I am hoping to go to transfer lunch (where all of the missionaries that are close to the mission home come for lunch, and exchange companions and stuff...then those who are to far to drive in ride on the transfer van)

Well I think that is all that I can tell you...I don't think I did anything else this week. I am so excited for you guys to go on your trip!!!! You can only go without me if you promise to send me lots of pictures :)



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