Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello Hello!!

Another week has gone by...they go so fast!!!

Happy Birthday Mickey!!! I thought about you all day yesterday!! How was it? How does it feel to be 8? I wish I could have been there..It looks like you had lots of fun!

This week was a normal week...we see the same less actives and the same members each week...We also saw one of our investigators...We are thinking of dropping both of them..Neither are progressing. It is the most frustrating be in a lesson where you can feel the spirit bouncing off of the walls and the person says they know it is true..then they are not willing to do anything about it. I want to shake them!! Well we are really trying to find new people to teach. The people here in Newfoundland are really stuck in their ways...They don't want to listen to anything you say...they are very nice..we just have not found the ones that are prepared to hear the gospel at this time...We will keep looking.

We had a less active come to church this week!!! (Michele) So exciting! You can tell she is thirsting for the gospel...she is reaching out, and wanting to do what is right.

We are also starting Family Home Evening with the branch...we are playing some games tonight and having a quick lesson. Just something to get people more involved. I hope  more than just the missionaries and the branch president show up!

We hear transfer news this week..Saturday..I am pretty sure that I will be in Bay Roberts..So I have been told by a pretty reliable source :) but you never know...that could always change. I want to stay!! haha
We are starting to get ready for the Christmas Nativity..I don't remember if I told you about it or not, the branch, every year, gathers nativity sets and sets them up in the church..I think last year they had around 200...then it is open to the public to come and see all of the nativities. I hope that will bring a lot of people in and have more interest to the church.

It is starting to get cold here. It was -3 last night!!!! I HATE THE COLD!!! Everyone here likes to make fun of me...I don't think that they understand that I am use to living in the desert of Utah!! haha We are going to go help Michele (the same less active that came to church yesterday) put up Christmas lights in her yard today...she says that I need to wear 10 hats and 5 pairs of gloves and a snow suit! haha...It is kinda true..I would not be so cold if it were not so humid and wet! I Will survive!!!

I am trying to think of what else we did last week...We went knocking...we went to a few lessons (I wish we had more!!)

I heard that President Leavitt has been sending you emails...Well to all of the parents..He said he is telling you what we are doing on Christmas...So what are we doing on Christmas...he has not told us anything! haha other than we will have a mission wide conference call.

Oh speaking of conference you think there will be a way for Bobby and I both to call at the same time? I hope we can figure that out...if it wont work, I think I will have access to Skype. Let me know what you want to do.

I have been reading the book of Ether this week...I Love Chapter 12...It talks mostly about faith, and if we have faith, that is when the Lord will show us miracles. It says the word "Faith" 37 times in that one chapter...(I guess faith is only a little important ;) I think this is something that I need to work on...HAVE MORE FAITH!!
I am so excited..I am almost finished with the Book of Mormon...and then I get to start all over!! It is amazing to me, no matter how many times I read it...It is different every time!! I learn something (usually more than one thing) new every time I read it!! I love it!! and I KNOW it is true!

I am excited for this week...I know great things will happen this week!

Love Rachele

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