Monday, November 19, 2012

Jungle Gold

Hello Family 
You you asked about calling for Christmas you said something about Rachele and I talking at the same time. That sounds good to me, but I was going to ask the Thaynes if I could use their iPad to Skype home that is if i am in Sunyani by Christmas (the transfer ends on the 19th of December so I don't know where I will be) but I will keep you informed. Ok, so because of the area and my calling as the district leader I get to go to a town called Kenyasi. Have you seen the TV show called Jungle Gold? Well this town Kenyasi is one of the mining towns. But, the TV show is not filmed there...... dang. EVERYONE SPEAKS ENGLISH THERE...... YES! And the mining company is from America so that means I see Americans.... yes! We go to this town once a week, usually Saturdays. We are trying to start up a branch there so people don't have to travel the 45 min drive every Sunday. There is even a member there that wants missionaries to stay so bad he is starting to build a house for them. He is a
powerful member and we are planing on baptizing his wife next month. Everything is going good here in Africa the work is going forth little by little (small small). However, I just found out that one of my investigators from Fiapre, the one that her church is paying for her schooling. Well, she wants to be baptized but her pastor just came to her house and told her that if she does not start coming to church often they will not pay for her schooling any more.  It just is sad that the devil has so much influence here because the truth has only been here
for a small time.
Well those are my stories for the week. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. And start listening to Christmas music for me, ok?
love you all
From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle

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