Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello Family!!

Sounds like you all had a very fun weekend. I can not believe that it is colder there than it is here!! It is 3 degrees out today...negative 5 with the windchill. 
We are not really doing anything fun today...we will just go grocery shopping and head home.
We are still teaching our two investigators...Pauline and Tiffany...Pauline is progressing, but she is very scared of change. Tiffany has been taught a lot in the past few years... her boyfriend is a less active member. This week has been a really slow week. 
Oh we got our new senior couple!! The Davis's. They are from Sandy, Utah. They are so nice. We are taking them to meet a lot of the members and less actives. They are going to be great in the area. 

Thanksgiving is coming up! I think one of the members or the Davis's will prob feed us..they all know that American thanksgiving is coming up! 
I heard that Obama is president again...I guess I cant complain, because I did not vote, but all the members here wanted Romney to win. Oh Elder Romney I guess is cousins with Mitt. I had no idea until after the Romney's went home. 
I feel like I had a lot to tell you, then when I sit down to write it I cant think of it haha

How is Amanda and Nick? When do they find out what the baby is?!! I am excited to hear. 
I bet Mickey is excited about the Baptism!!!! That is so neat.. 

Well there really is not much going on up here...other than a lot of teaching and mission work. Still working with the same less actives..actually one of them...her name is Michele came out to a church activity this week!! That is like ground breaking news!!! Now we just need to get her to come to church!!!

Transfers are coming up...We will find out what will happen a week from this Saturday. I am pretty sure that I will be staying in Bay Roberts...Well that's what president told me a week ago. Thats exciting about Bobby..District leader and new area. Good for him!! He will be a great district leader! 

Well I should probably get going...I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!
I will see if I can do something more exciting this week so I can write about it next week!! :D 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Love, Sister Riddle  

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