Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear Family

Hello How  is everything going? How is the snow? Is there snow? Well let me tell you I miss the snow I miss it very much. It is getting hotter here in Ghana. I can tell because I got a heat rash on my chest from the straps on my backpack. But don't worry, Sister Thayne took care of me. She told me what to do. Its getting hotter and it has stopped raining, that means things are going to be getting more expensive, because things need to have rain for them to grow. Lets see what has happened this week..... Oh, I  moved to my new area and  got my new companion. My area is huge. It needs two more missionaries but our apartment is not big enough for another companionship. So, for now, just a ton of walking for us. My companion is sweet. His name is Elder Chiweshe. He is from Zimbabwe, he is a real sweet kid and I am glad I get to be with him. You can tell he knows what he needs to be doing and why he is dong it. Oh, I think I forgot to tell you this, but about 3 months ago, when I was in Fiapre my recent convert moved out of Fiapre. Guess where he moved to... thats right he moved to Estates, my new area. So I go and see him often, even right now I am emailing from his email cafe. So thats great. Oh, I got the Halloween letters they were great. Thank you for that. Honestly I never would have thought I would  be missing Halloween but I do. Its probably me just missing candy... really! Well I will write you all very soon thanks for everything you do for me. Oh, sorry I cant find a letter M anywhere that has an africa feel to it. But I told the Thaynes to keep an eye out for me. They said they will take the picture of me and send it to you guys. Well I love you all, and think of you all the time!
From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle

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