Monday, November 26, 2012

A little dirt is all I need!

Hello Everyone 

This week has been a little slow. Most of this week all of our lessons have failed so that made my week a little bad. But, what killed my week, is some information I got form the Thayne's. You know how last week I was talking a lot about the gold mining town that we go to called Kenyasi? Well I got a call from The Thayne's on Tuesday night and they told us we are no longer to go to Kenyasi. Freak!!!!  I guess President Holmes did not get it approved that missionaries could go to Kenyasi before he told us to go there. The Area Presidency found out and told him to not let the missionaries go there!So that killed my week, but then came Turkey Day and Elder Larsen and I went on splits so we could both go to the Thayne's for dinner. It was probably the best food I have eaten in Ghana. They made everything you would have at a thanksgiving back home. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, the only thing we could not get was turkey, so we had chicken (just as good ....right?) But what made me happy was not the food but the "family" that was there. Now, not to get down on the Thayne's but they do TOO  much for the missionaries up here..... way to much!  Well because this was the best food I have had on my mission I got a little sick on Friday. I guess I need to have a little dirt in my food or else I get sick. Sister Thayne is a good cook but her food is to clean! hahaha but the rest of the week has been a normal week a lot of work to do, honestly. We have about 10 investigators that are some how serious and we are hoping to give 2 of them baptismal dates this week. We pray that everything works out. Well that's my week for you. I will send you the Christmas picture today as well.
I love you all, and Michaela I am so happy that you are getting baptized on Saturday 
From Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle

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