Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Storm?? What Storm???

Hello Hello!!!

Thank you for not calling the mission office when you did not hear from me. If you don't hear form me....I am fine...I just don't have Internet access. They canceled the Internet at the church because no one is using it (except for the missionaries.) They had it set up for family history, no one here knows how to use it.
This week was a good week...normal missionary week. On Wednesday (Halloween) we went out to eat before we had to be in by 6pm. We went to this little cafe type of place..they had the news on so we got to see some of the aftermath of the storm. Sandy did not hit us at all...we had our normal Newfoundland weather...Gray, fog, rain, mist...today is really windy...but I think this is all normal fall weather!

Not to much else is going on this week. President Leavitt (mission president) came up to Bay Roberts...he took us out to breakfast and talked a lot about what he wants to do with the mission. This man loves numbers...but every number represents someone! He told us that eventually he wants to have a Sisters District...with a Sister District leader...that will be kind of interesting. He talked how he eventually wants to open up another sisters area here in Newfoundland...I would not be surprised if it happened sooner rather than later.

Thank you for talking to the Martins...I was going to ask you to find out if they are ok. Will you get me their zip code (I have their address i just forgot the zip code) so I can send them a letter. You can just google Berkeley Heights Zip Code..I would if it were not against the rules to use google.
Oh I sent a Bday package for mickey...I hope it gets there by her bday...I also put in my SD card.

The work is going well her in Bay Roberts....we have two investigators..Tiffany and Pauline...I think I have talked about both of them a little. It is hard to get in to see Tiffany...She lives up in Carbonear, which is a 20 min drive away...we only have so many miles that we can drive a month so we only get to go out there about once a week. Well Tiffany has been taught before...she has two daughters and is living with her (soon to be husband...if we have our way ;) Well she told us that she believes everything that she has been taught, and she will "Eventually" get baptized...What does that even mean!!! Either you will or you will not!! AHHHH Sometimes I just want to shake people!!
Well Pauline I have told you...lost her daughter about 5 years ago...the Elders did a great job teaching her, but mostly just let her vent to them about the loss of her daughter. Well we started teaching her a couple of weeks ago...we finally got her real concerns out of her. She feels as though she is not worthy to use the atonement...saddest thing I have ever heard... to feel so lost that not even God can save you. Her lessons are always so amazing..the spirit is always so strong...I don't think I ever come out of her house with dry eyes.
Well lets see what else is going on...as of yesterday I have been out 4 months..I don't know where the time has gone.

You asked for more stories a while back...I don't know if I told you about the very fun Knocking day?! haha well Sister Ott and I were on our way to St John's for a district meeting or something..this was a while back... well the night before we had made some calls to some old potential investigators to see if we could come stop by...when anyway while we were driving we got a phone call from a man that I guess we called the night before...Well I told him who I was, and if we could come see him sometime...He thought we were prank calling him..a few minuets later, his wife called us back and used some very colourful language, and told us not to call back. Well later that night we went knocking and found a man that was not to happy that we interrupted his supper...he too used some very colourful language and told us he did not know who "mormon" is and he did not care to know him....well we continued knocking..we knocked on another angry mans door...he came to the door...looked at us and said "are you kidding me?" shut the door...and we walked away (Laughing) Just wanted to share with you some of the responses that we get as missionaries hahaha we had a good laugh.

Oh I would love to call in with Bobby for christmas if you can make it work!


Talk to you next week (If you don't hear from me on Monday I will hopefully email on Tuesday!)

Love Sister Riddle

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