Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drunk Man at Testimony Meeting!

Dear Family 

Hello form Sunyani. How is everything going? I hope its going well. This week has been a little boring. I got the envelope you sent me. Thank you for that. Who was the one that picked out the candy? It is very good! We had one very interesting thing happen to us this week, it was yesterday (sunday). Well it was coming to the end of our Fast and Testimony meeting when this man walks in and he is just black out drunk. He comes in and sits down on the front row of chairs. About 2 min later (he must  think it is open mic night or something)  he gets up and tries to talk in to the mic, but he ends up just mumbling stuff. And then walks away. He then starts talking to people so we had to take him out side and talk to him we told him he had to go home and sleep it off. He leaves but 5 min later and then comes walking back in and starts talking to people again. So this time we take him out and tell him again that he has to go home he can not come to church like this. That is the last we heard from him. That was my first experiance with a drunk man coming to church and sharing his "testimony". All 4 of us missionaries did not know what to do when he went up to the mic, so we just let it happen. Good thing he was only up there for about 30 seconds. Man was it funny. Well thats all I have from Sunyani. I hope that story makes sense. I find myself speaking broken English over here. 
From Ghana With love 
Elder Riddle

Picture of Sunyani from a hill 
Freaking huge tree 

Fufu with light soup and chicken
 oh my goodness so good!

No more fufu  :(

Our front yard in our compound.

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