Monday, August 27, 2012

Attacked by a Chicken!!!!

Hello everyone
How is everyone doing? Well everything is going good in Fiapre. The work is hard but its worth it. We don't really have any investigators that are close to baptism, but maybe one or two in about two weeks or so.  We as missionaries in Fiapre (the 4 of us) have a goal to focus on the members and help them become stronger in the church.This is so the church can have a stronger foundation of members. If we can bring investigators to church and the members will become friends with them, and help them in their conversion process they will stay active. Sorry, I hope that makes sense. I feel that everywhere in the world this needs to happen. The members need to know that they are also missionaries and they are the ones that will help our investigators stay in the church if the are baptized. Well I don't really have any funny, sad, or good stories to tell you. I wish I did. The only thing I can think of, is I was attacked by a chicken the other day. It started attacking my feet because I got to close to its chicks. Ii almost kicked it but then it just walked away. Most missionaries have dog stories, I have goat and chicken stories. ha. Well I have some very bad news for you all, well I guess its worse for me, but President Holmes (our mission president) has decided that packages are costing the mission to much. So he has told us no more boxes from home. Only the envelopes. But, there are thing I need that I don't know if they can fit in to an envelope. I guess we will see. 
I will need these things very soon:
contact solution 
body wash 
I don't know if you guys can fit those in an envelope or fit them in to many envelopes but let me know what you will do. 
Alex, I got you letter the other day, it was good to hear from you. Thanks for that. Oh and I was thinking the other day, do you know if the water in the fridge will ever run out? I just don't remember the last time it was filled up!  Ha  hahahahaha!  Love you Alex....
Well thats all from me this week. Sorry I dont have pictures to send you the computer is being dumb.
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

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