Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Companion!!!

           Hello from Newfoundland!!
Well another crazy week here!! I have come to the conclusion that my mission changes every week..starting at the MTC. haha Well we got transfer news on Saturday. Sister Bentley and I were supposed to be safe (because I am being trained) but the Lord will send his servants where he needs them to be. Sister Bentley is being transferred to Halifax. Sister Ott, whom I have not met yet will be my new trainer. This will take place on Thursday. I told President Leavitt that I guess I just need the extra help..this will be my 3rd trainer...I was in the trio for about a week so I count Sister Davis as one of my trainers. It will be good for Sister Bentley to be in Halifax, she started getting sick again this week. I don't think it is just the animal products that she is eating that is making her sick. But there is a doctor in Nova Scotia that she can go to down there. They are re-opening an area in Newfoundland. It is St John's Central. So we will be getting a new set of Elders in our district. One of the zone leaders is being transferred (Elder Hardy) So his companion (Elder Unger) will be training. I am excited to meet all of the new missionaries that are coming out to Newfoundland. President also told us that in the near future he plans on opening up an area in Central Newfoundland!! Exciting!
There is always something that I forget to tell you when we get home after emailing... a few that I wrote down form last week are...
Mom, Yes will you please order me some contacts...I don't know if it will be easier to have them send it to my address (if you go through 1800contacts.)
Dad, I got the camera cord!! Thank you!! I will attach some more pictures....I ate cod this week...not only did I eat it, but I cooked it myself!! :D
I have been told that there are several things you have to see to get the full Newfoundland experience....Moose, Puffins, Seals, Whales and Icebergs. well when I was in Mount Pearl I saw not one, or two, but I saw THREE moose!! Two were just walking down the road..like when we get deer..only these are like seeing a giant horse walking through neighborhoods. and then I saw one on the drive back to Bay Roberts. So I guess I can check that off the list!!
Well we got a new investigator this week her name is Jessie Smith. We met her while we were out knocking the other day. We taught her a brief lesson about the restoration, and she said that she was busy right then, but we could come back this week. so we set up a time and we plan on meeting with her on Wednesday.
We were going through our area book one night. we came across a potential that the Elders found like three years ago..it was marked as follow up later so we decided to give her a call. her name is Daphney. She was excited to hear from us and we set up a time to go see her. when we were getting ready drive out to see her (Sister Bentley got really sick) we realized that she lives over an hour and a half away..well we only have so many Kilometers.. I mean Miles.. that we are aloud to drive a month. so we had to call and cancel. we decided to see if the Romenys (the senior couple) would go visit her. well Elder Romeny called her and set up a meeting with her. She said she would drive down to us...not very many investigators will go out of there way to drive an hour to be taught!! We will meet with her on the 12th.
As for Peter LeDrew...we called to set up a time to go and see him and he was very excited. He said we could call him the next day and set up a time to see him that night. Well we called back, and we could not get a hold of him. We tried a couple more times and his wife answered the phone and said they had had a talk about it, and they were not interested. And to not call back.
AHH broke my heart. He was so ready to hear this. I know that he will get another opportunity to hear it again...this wont be his last chance, but it was just so sad!
So Alex, I heard you went on your first date this weekend!! How was it? You know you are 16...it is now ok for you to date!!! GO HAVE FUN :D
Mickey!! How are you! I miss you too! I am so glad that you like school! What is your teachers name? Who are your friends at school? I love you!!
Well I guess that kinda sums up my week. 
Love Sister Riddle
PS so sad to hear Bobby..umm I mean Elder Riddle can not get packages anymore!!! :(  

Cod....big step for Rachele
Dinner......Yes, I made Fish!

Wish you could see the moon
the way I did last night!

Logy Bay

Logy Bay
Logy Bay

Sisters Riddle, Davis, Rust
E. Hardy, S. Riddle, S. Rust, E. Unger

Sister Riddle, Elder Hardy
Sister Davis, Sister Riddle

High School Rivals
S. Davis (AF), S. Riddle(PG),
E. Hardy(LP)

The Trio
The Trio

Bay while storming

Mt. Pearl. Bright Colored Houses

Full Rainbow

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