Monday, September 17, 2012

Hurricane is over!

          Hello family!!
Sounds like a fun weekend! I wish I could have been there for Steph's shower. Good to hear that you got a good turn out for it! This week has been good. On tuesday we were suppose to go over to St John's for a zone training, but it was canceled due to the Hurricane. We were told to stay inside until it was over.  The power was out for a few hours, but it came back on before it was dark out. We were told that we needed to boil or water for a few days. There was some kind of contamination or something. But we have been cleared to drink the water again. We found two new investigators this week. Daphney whom we found in our area book (when sis Bentley was here) We were going through our area book and I felt like we should call her...she was a potential that the elders had found like two years ago. We taught her last week and she said we could teach her again this friday! She sounds like she is really interested. She lives over an hour away and is driving down to Bay Roberts to meet with us. Not very often do people come to you to be taught! Our other new investigator is Karen. We found her while we were out knocking. We taught her at her doorstep, and she invited us back to teach her this Tuesday! It looks like things are picking up here! We also met this lady Rochelle. She is so nice! We talked to her for about twenty minuets. She said that she is very interested and would love for us to come teach her more. She also sounded like she would love to come to church with us!! I can see amazing things happening with her! Well not much else is going on. This week Elder Gay from the seventy is touring the mission. He will be in Newfoundland on wednesday so we will have meetings with him all day. He will also be interviewing a few of us. How neat would that be to be interviewed by a general Authority? nerve recking for sure!!
I got Candace's wedding announcement in the mail the other day. It was very cute! I am happy for her! I cant wait to see Steph's!
Dad I am so glad that work is going well.. is the back shop swamped? Do they wish they had my help? I wish I could be there to help!....NOT!!! Glad that things are going well, but I am glad I am not there :D haha
Mom thanks for sending the package!! I cant wait to get it! You should see if you can get a pic of steph's ring and send it to me!
Alex...Hows school? Have you been on anymore dates latley? Love you!
Mickey...How are you? How is school going? Do you have a lot of homework? Do you get to see kaylee a lot? Give her a hug and a kiss for me!!
Amanda and Nick...How is everything going? Amanda are you feeling any better? I am still so excited!! Hows the job hunt? Any new and exciting storys from work?
Kaylee...Are you excited to be a big sister?! I am so excited for you! Do you think it is going to be a boy or a girl? I love you lots!!
Thanks for always being there for me and supporting me!!
Have a great week!
Love Sister Riddle
Scripture for the week: D&C 101:38

Telling Sister Bentley and
Elder Hardy
Goodbye at the airport

Can you tell what the flavor is? Whole bag
was in French.
Sister Davis and Sister Riddle

Sisters Ott, Riddle, Rust, and Davis

Elders Marks, Hornner, Sister Riddle,
Elders Unger and Sutter
Just chatting on the phone!!
New York...Where Rachele's heart lies

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