Monday, September 17, 2012

A Childs Prayer.

Hello Everyone!
We did not have many lessons this week but we had some lessons with some very powerful people. First of all, we have been working with this lady named Alice. We have been working with her just over 6 weeks, and she has a baptismal date set for 23 September. It should be very good. I hope she follows thru with it because it is next Sunday. Hopefully she is ready! Oh, do you remember those children that we have been teaching, the very smart ones? Well we had a lesson with their mother Irene. She told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She thinks its true! Yesterday we had a lesson with her and we talked about baptism.... she said she would pray to know if she needed to be baptized! Yes, I know she will receive her answer that she needs to be baptized. The best part of the lesson with her, was the opening prayer. We had one of her children give it (she already knows the church is true) and she prayed for just one thing.  She said "Heavenly Father please help my mother know that the church is true in the name of Jesus Christ Amen". That is all she said. The spirit was felt so strongly right then. That is why I know that Sister Irene will one day be baptized, and also let her children be baptized. Everyone, I know that this church is very true! This small girl that prayed has taught me that. And that is why I am here. I love you all so very much, and can not wait to see you again. 

From Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle

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