Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello Everyone
Well this week has gone by very fast!  We did not go out for 3 days, one day because we had a mission tour and guess who came to that...guess.....guess now ,,,,, keep guessing.... Elder Curtis from the 70 and his wife. It was really good. We had a meeting with them and and they gave talks and such. Elder Curtis just sat down with us and talked to us about our favorite scriptures in the book of mormon. It was sweet to have someone from the 70 come and talk to us, and just sit down and talk. The spirit was felt very strongly in that meeting. His wife also talked to us.  She talked to us about Jesus Christ and how he is an example to us and then she talked to us about being Christ like and having Christ like attributes and how we are all examples of Christ.  Then she told us something that I really liked.  She said "you missionaries are modern day stripling warriors" I dont know why, but I really love that. It was a very good meeting.  Day 2- I was not able to go out  because we did a service project for one of Elder Larsen and Elder Sarpongs investigators (pictures included).  We built the roof in his room. It was very hard to do but it was good and fun. Day 3 - I was not able to go out because when I was taking my contacts out the night before, I scratched my eye and was not able to open it that night nor the next day till around 6 pm. It hurt bad. Anyway, thats all the things that happened to me this week. The high light of my week was.... you guessed it.... getting my eye scratched and laying in bed all day NOT... JUST KIDDING  it was the mission tour. The spirit was very strong in that meeting and Elder and Sister Curtis are very good people. I love them.
From Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle

Sister Curtis, Elder Riddle, Elder Curtis, Danial
(Elder Curtis is a member of the 70)

Elder Riddle, ???, Elder Larson

Elder Riddle, Elder Larson

Elder Riddle (human Scaffolding)

Good thing he took that construction
class before he left on his mission

Elder Larson, ???

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