Monday, September 10, 2012

Out Two Months!!

Hello again from Newfoundland!!!
Sounds like you all had a very exciting week! Oh my gosh congrats Amanda and Nick that is so exciting!!!!!!! Mom happy birthday this past week...sorry I meant to say it in my last email, but forgot....well you should be getting a little something in the next week or so..I HOPE! Sounds like you got a great Bday gift...AGAIN! I am so excited! I wish I was going to be there!
I can not believe that another week has gone by...I have been out two months now!!! and into my second transfers CRAZY! It feels like only yesterday that you drooped me off at the MTC. Well I told you about transfers last week. Sister Bentley left last Thursday night, and I stayed with the Mount Pearl sisters until my new companion came in...she also got to take the 15 hour ferry. Well they all got here on Saturday afternoon. We went back to Bay Roberts that night. I showed her around a little then we had planning and stuff that I had to do. On Sunday, we were asked to speak. I spoke on faith. It was one of the easiest talks I have ever given...there were only about 8 people there.
Last night we drove down to Mount Pearl again...Elder Holland was speaking at the CES fireside so we got to go listen to that. It was held in St George...Ps is Stephanie and Craig down there? I think I saw them while we were watching the fireside!! You will have to find out if they were there..and tell them that I saw them.
Well the 8 of us (missionaries) are all going to Logy Bay again today...the new Newfoundland missionaries have never been over there before. After Preparation day Sister Ott and I will be headed back to Bay Roberts.
Tomorrow we have to drive back down, we have Zone Training tomorrow.
Oh, so have you been watching the Hurricane? It should be passing through Newfoundland tomorrow! I am kind of excited...haha maybe I should not be, but I have never been in a hurricane before!
So like I said...Sister Ott is my new companion...she is great. she is from Oregon. She is 26 and a teacher. We are excited to start "really" working in Bay Roberts. Tonight after we get back into town we have a lesson with a young man, Quinton. We met him last night..we knocked on his door, he is not sure if he believes in God...he says there is not enough evidence. I am really excited/really nervous to start working!!
Not a lot is going on other than that.
Alex...I just had this feeling that you got an iphone!!! You butt! I am really jealous!!!
Kaylee...I am excited to get your pictures...I will try not to get anywhere close to the ice..and If i see a penguin i will send you a picture of it!!
Michaela...How is school going? I can not believe that you wanted to keep the news of the new baby a secret from me!! How Rude!!
Dad...I love hearing you talk about your mission...I second i mean Elder Riddles request to hear more stories!!
Mom...I hope you had a great Birthday!! I think that is the hardest part about not being home is missing all of the big events.
Amanda and Nick...CONGRATS!!!!! I am so excited! So Happy!!!! Like I said to mom...I wish I could be home for all of that kind of stuff!!!!!
Have a great week!!!
Love Sister Riddle
Oh ps yes I did like the was really good!!

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