Monday, September 24, 2012

Short Letter....

Hello everyone!
Hey sorry, but todays email is going to be short,.......... yes, shorter than normal. Well this week we have been trying to work very hard on helping our investigator be baptized on this past Sunday. We went and saw her every single day, just trying to help her understand what
baptism means.  She told us that she knew what it means and that she wants to be baptized. But she still likes her other church because of some things they have done for her. So she ended up not getting baptized on sunday.  But we hope next week or next  2 weeks she will
be ready. Nothing much has happened but I will send you all letters this Tuesday. Mother/Father will you send me Rachele's pouch address for me? Thanks
Love you all!
Elder Riddle

I had the opportunity to email chat with Bobby this morning.  And since his letter is so short I will include some of that.

ER: Hey so the pictures you sent me... it looks like you had fun at the game! I just want to know if you knew what was going on? (I took Lori to a REAL game this weekend)
DAD: Sure we is a very sloooooow moving sport.  I couldn't get over the constant beating of the drums though.  Drove me nuts!  And of course the chant...
ER: Thanks Dad I am sorry I did not write much this week. I have been kind of stressed.
DAD: Why so stressed?
ER: We put in a lot of work on Alice, but nothing happened. And transfers
were this week and I was stressed out about if I was going to get transferred. But I did not. I am still in Fiapre at least until November 7th.
DAD: Don't be stressed.......In through your nose out through your mouth.  Remember you have a very important person on your side...don't for get to pray(i know you don't forget) but remember him always....he will be there for you.  How is the training going?
ER: The training is done. He is a normal missionary now. It went good being a Senior Companion. It has helped me learn in so many ways! 
DAD: Great!.....what did you do for p-day today?
ER: We went the those water falls again, the ones that I went to at the first of my mission.
DAD: is the food treating you?
ER: Great!!! Well I have to go..... love you. Talk to you next week. Sorry I only have one min left.

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