Monday, August 13, 2012

Maybe its Kaplan Fish??

Hello from Newfoundland!!
Sounds like you have all had a very exciting week!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!! I can not believe that you are 16, crazy!! How was your birthday? What did you get? Mickey how was lagoon...Mom said you had fun with Preston and Kade. I can't believe you start school so soon! The summer has gone by so fast. Second grade for you Mic, right? and High School Alex...holy crap!
This week went by so fast...Sister Bentley was sick all week. We did not get out to work much. However we did get to teach Ellie. She is so nice. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and how reading it can bless her life. She said she would read it, and said we could come back and talk to her some more. Her son lives across the street from her, he does not sound very interested, but he sounds like he has just given up on religion. He sounds very discouraged about finding truth. He is so nice, and we hope that by seeing him when we teach Ellie that it will spike interest. It would be so cool to teach him too.
Well because Sister Bentley has been sick, I spent most of my week in the apartment, reading the Book of Mormon, studying, and watching all of the movies (church movies) in the apartment...including 4 general conferences from years past. haha
It was good to get out of the apartment yesterday to go to church. I hope we can find out what is going on. But she seems to be doing better today, so that's good.
Ok, so mom I talked to Sister Bentley and she said that when ever her family sends her a package they write "unsolicited gift" on it. That is the instruction that she was given when she first got here. She has never had to pay to get a package. I have not heard anything else about it.
I have not been able to try any sea food yet. The Elders that were here before us got a lot of kapline (not sure how to spell it) I guess it is a fish that (during the warm months i think) jump up onto the shore, so everyone just goes and gathers them up as they jump up. So Sister Bentley wants to make that sometime, but I have been told it is one of the fishiest fish ever. So I am not looking forward to that haha
The work is getting easier...I still need more practice (which I did not get much of this week) but I know that as I study and practice and rely on the Lord, that He will help me!
I love it here.. it is beautiful..even when it is raining, which is quite a bit. (they say they are in a drought...not sure rains at least 3 or 4 times a week.)
I will look again for my camera cord...I cant even think of where it might be. so weird. I want you to see pictures so bad!!

Love Sister Riddle

P.S. Alex I tried to get something in the mail for you last Monday, but it was some weird Canadian holiday..we are going to the post office after we email, so I hope you get it soon!!

LOVE YOU!! Have a great week!! :D

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