Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in Bay Roberts

It sounds like everyone had a great week! How does it feel to be back in the swing of things? How is school going? Mom thats exciting that you are in scouts again..maybe Mic will get to go to scouts after all! haha
This week...I think I say that every week is crazy, But this week was very crazy!! Last monday we (Still in a trio, we went with the Elders) went to this place called Logy is so gorgeous! We hiked around, and all over the path there are wild blueberrys growing. I did not realize how much I love blueberries. They are so good!! At the end of our prepreation day we headed to Bay Roberts. On Tuesday we got a phone call from the Elders telling us about this referal that they wanted us to follow up on. They gave us the name Peter LeDrew, and the town that he lives in Holyrood. Thats all they gave us, they said Holyrood is not that big so we should just start knocking on doors to see who knows Peter. We were at the church when the Elders called us so we decided to look up where Holyrood is. We found that it is about 30 min away, and that it is not as small as the Elders told us it was. Anyway it being Tuesday, and we are driving back to Mount Pearl on Wednesday, we thought it would make most sense to go the next day as we drive past to get to Mount Pearl. We went home for lunch, and we did what every missionary does when they make a decision, we prayed. We were told that we should go to Holyrood that night, so we finished eating and left. As we pulled into the town of Holyrood our plan was to find a pay phone, or a grocery store where we might find a phone book. Well we got there and there was nothing!! We decided to stop at a park area and start street contacting people, seeing if anyone could tell us more about peter. NO ONE KNEW HIM!!
We decide to get back in the car and drive around. We found a little INN and people where sitting out side so we decided to go see if they had a phone book....of course the Inn keeper would not be there and the people that were there, were on vacation, so they knew nothing. As we started to walk away, they mentioned that there is a little convenience store around the corner. So we went to the store. As we parked we again decided that we needed help from the Lord, so we stoped and prayed. As we walked into the store, there on the counter sat a phone book. As we looked in the phone book we soon found out that Holyrood is NOT in the phone book. We asked the store owner how we might find someone in Holyrood. He asked us who we were looking for, we told him that we were looking for Peter LeDrew. He looked at us and said "I know Peter, We grew up together" WOW!! He told us that he lived out in Killigrews, and that he owned LeDrew Lumber. So we headed to Killigrews. As we drove we looked at our map and (as we do anytime we find streets to knock) we prayed and picked two streets that we felt we should knock. Well on the way, Sister Rust all of a sudden says that we just passed "LeDrew Street" and next to that is LeDrew Lumber. So we turned around and drove down LeDrew Street. This was not any ordinary street...this was the longest street, with the most houses on this street that I have ever seen!!! As we drove we just looked at all of the houses, as we drove past this one house, I felt overcome by the spirit..I knew without a doubt that that was the house that we needed to knock on. Right as I felt this Sister Davis asked if anything was standing out to either Sister Rust or I. I said Yes, that house that we just passed, Sister Rust said that she felt the same. So we drove down to the end of the road to turn around. As we were driving away from the house, I knew we were going the wrong way, It was almost painfull to drive away from it. We pulled up again in front of this house, and prayed again. As we walked up to the door we realized that there was a sign on the door that said "The LeDrews..Paul and Ruby" we were all very schocked!! We knocked on the door and spoke with Ruby, she told us that her husband is related to Peter. She told us how to get to his house, we thanked her and started to turn around when she asked if we were looking for "big" Peter or "little" Peter, she said that Peter has a son who is also Peter. She also gave us directions to his house...yes young peter lives back in Holyrood. We went to visit "big" Peter. He was not home, but his wife talked to us. As we talked to her we knew that something was wrong. We no longer felt the spirit. She told us that she did not know how to get into contact with Peter, and that he was out of town. We gave her a card without name and number and asked her to give it to peter the next time she heard form him. As we left she said to us that if Peter does not call then that is a sign that he is not interested. At that moment, I knew that the card that we gave her was not going past her kitchen garbage can! We walked away and we all got this overwellming feeling, and we knew that Peter was home, and we needed to go find him, so we tried to remember what the other lady had told us. she told us that he lives off the main road in Holyrood, she said that him and his sister just built two house on this dirt road, right next to this old gray house. Well as we soon found out, there are many more than just one dirt road off of the main road!! We pulled over and..yes we prayed again, we knew that we could only find Peter with the direction of the spirit. As we started to drive again it began to get dark..we could no longer tell house colors. Sister Davis was driving, and instructed me to look at the left side, and Sister Rust to look at the right. After a moment or two we passed this whiteish house, and next to it was a dirt road, I said thats IT!! As we drove up the dirt road we saw two new houses, and the first house we passed had lights on and a man standing in the window. We pulled off, said a quick prayer, and got out of the car. As we walk up to the house this man walked out of the house. We introduced ourselves and told him that we were looking for Peter LeDrew.... He said "I am, Peter LeDrew"....Best moment of my life. We all wanted to jump up and down with joy. We told him that his friend had refered him, and asked if we could come teach him more. He said yes. He took our phone number, and we got his, and said we would call him after the weekend (he told us he was going to be very busy this weekend) so now we get to call him today!!! I am so excited!!
Sorry that story was so long, but it was such an amazing experience, to be led by the Spirit every step of the way, I wanted to share it with all of you. Well the rest of the week came and went. We had our Newfoundland Conference this weekend. President Leavitt came and did an amazing job speaking to all of us. He then came and visited us in Bay Roberts (oh Sister Bentley is back!! She is doing so much better, they found ot that she is alergic to animal products. crazy) Anyway, President came and "inspected" our apartment. We were in the front room talking with Sister Leavitt when we realized that President was laying on our beds. He said he makes it a point to lay on everyones bed. He then said that he was going out to buy Sister Bentley a new matress haha. He then asked for our area book. He started going through it and then he pulled out his phone and started calling all of our investigators...this made both sister Bentley and I very nervous. He set up some apoinments for us, then took us out to dinner! very nice man!!
Well that was most of my week. I am excited for this week...we are back in Bay Roberts!! Tomorrow is our first real full day of work, back in our area. We are excited to get to work!!
oh ps i have made it almost through the first transfer...transfer news goes out on saturday, and then everyone (who is getting transfered) heads out on monday. I should be staying here with sister Bentley (for one more transfer) unless there is some weird emergency.
I love you all so much!!! I am so happy here, and cant wait to get back to work here in Bay Roberts!! Have a wonderful week!!!
Love Sister Riddle

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