Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seal Fin...and Moose Stew

This week was a great week! We went tracting or "knocking" for most of the week. We found three new investigators...Ellie who is a sweet old lady who loves reading her bible, we are going to see her on wednesday..Lloyd who is so nice. I guess he has met with the Elders here before, but they droped him right before we came. Anyway he seems interested and plan on teaching him more this week sometime...and Selena who asked us to come back, but the past couple of times we have stoped by she has not been home. So we are hoping we can get in contact with her this week. On wednesday we walked in that parade haha that was not what I was expecting to do as a missionary! Then Saturday we had the Family Fun Day Carnival Sister Bentley and I got to blow up balloons...ALL DAY LONG!! haha The Elders from St John's and the Sisters from Mt Pearl came down to help with that. Sunday we went to church, and came home and let Sister Bentley sleep. She has been so sick. I wish there was something I could do for her. She slept most of the day yesterday, and we plan on staying in resting today as well. Mission President called and told her to "hang in there" I guess he thinks its stress related, He will be calling again in a couple of days to see how she is. I thought he was going to have her go back to Halifax, but I guess he changed his mind. We tried to email yesterday, but the internet was not working.
The food here...well its pretty much the same. Except for the part where the branch President wants to make us Seal Fin...and Moose Stew. haha yes, there is a Mcdonalds up the street from my house, and there is a Subway, and A&W, and KFC. Everything is just much more expensive here.
I cant believe that Steph is engaged!! That is so exciting!!! and Spencer is going to China!
Oh, I still can not seem to find my camera cord....will you look around the house and see if I left it there? I will see if I can print off some pics and send them to you next monday, but I am hoping to find that cord...I thought I packed it!! 
So exciting that Elder Riddle has a baptism this weekend!! And two more on date!! That is so neat! He sounds like he is doing well.
Well Sister Benteley just informed me that after I am done being trained, I will most likely end up training one of the new sisters that will be comming in at that time....what??? I am scared out of my mind to train someone!! I have no experience to train anyone else!!
Not a lot going on this week...just rest and hope that Sis Bentley gets feeling better!!

What do you think about me getting my scriptures fitted with seal skin? I guess its tradition for all of the missonaries serving in Bay Roberts, the only thing is they cost like $60. Well I will worry about that when it comes closer!

Well I hope you all had a great week!! I cant wait to email again on Monday!!

Oh PS... I have been out a month!! Can you believe it? I sure cant! It feels like only yesterday that I walked into the MTC. Crazy! Well I better be going! Love you and hope you all have a great day!

Sister Riddle

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