Monday, August 6, 2012

The work moves forth!

Well, hello everyone!
How is everyone doing? I am doing Great! Really! This week has been jammed pack full of spiritual lessons. There are 2 men that  we are teaching. Stephan and Justice. Stephan is being baptized this Saturday he is very excited, he cant wait. Justice is one of Stephan's friends he is a very smart man. we just taught him about the restoration and during the lesson all he would say was "wow that makes sense" I have very high hopes for him but he is traveling north and he will be gone for about 2 weeks and by then I might get a new comp. Transferees are in two weeks. We will find out who is going next Saturday, I think. So, the other day we went to a small village just 5 min away from Fiapre. It is part of our area, but no one has ever gone there. So we went house to house. Man it was a good time. People are interested there. They wanted to have the lessons, it was good. Well we have 3 people with baptismal dates. Ma Bertha she is talking to her husband to get permission from him first but we are planning on Sep.1 for her. Richard he is a young man and we are planning the end of august or first of September for him. And then we have Stephan this Saturday. Man the work is starting to pick up. Its good. Oh and I found out the Mission address for you, 

Ghana Kumasi Mission 
PMB KS 16333 
Kumasi Ghana 

I hope that's it. I got it from the Thayne's on Sunday. Well I hope everything is going good back home. Tell Spencer I am excited for him. I cant wait to come home and not speak the same language to my friend. I will be speaking Twi and he Cantonese. 
Well I love you all! 
From Ghana With love 

Elder Riddle 

PS oh ya did you get my letters yet? 

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