Monday, June 24, 2013

Head aches!

Hello everyone, 

This week has been a very long week. I saw a doctor on tuesday. He has come to the conclusion that I have been having migraines. He said that it keeps getting re stimulated by different things. Lack of sleep, food, stress, my work load.... He has put me on a medication that is suppose to slowly start to take away the headaches. He told me that the next little while is going to be hard on me because this medication makes me very tired. I am now getting to sleep at night. which is great news, but the effects of the medication last all day. I feel very tired all of the time, its almost like being numb to everything around me. I hate it!! I have a hard time talking to anyone because it is hard to get my thoughts together. I have talked to sister Leavitt about how it is making me feel. She told me to keep taking it while she consults the area medical advisor. They say that it is going to take a while for it to get into my bloodstream. meanwhile I have been told to be patient. 

Well on a better note....We taught Gabbie on Friday and last night. Remember we are teaching her using Skype. She has gone home for the summer, and is preparing for Baptism. Technology is one of the most amazing things. I dont remember what I told you about Gabbie last week, but she is amazing. She is 22 yrs old. her father was a Baptist youth councillor, he passed away a few years ago, but he is the reason why Gabbie is so interested in religion. She told us last night that she knows that this is the true church. We have taught her most of the commandments. She loves all of them. She is so ready to be baptized. Gabbie lives on a little island down by St Stephen New Brunswick. There are about 800 people that live member. She found this member (Sandra)..who happens to be a less active. She invited Sandra to go to church with her. Not even a member yet and she is already strengthening the ward. She attended a ward in Machias Main. It is not in our mission. She loved every minuet of it. she is planning on coming to saint John this weekend so we will be able to teach her in person. Oh she told us a neat experience that she had while on her way to church. She said that she was on her way to pick up Sandra. She found the house (she has never met this person before) She knocked on the house a couple of times but no one answered. She talked to a couple of men that were outside. The told her that it was the house that she was looking for. She tried again, but nothing. She decided to head for church. She said that she was about 10 min away when something told her to go back. She did not even think twice about it. she said that she knew that she needed to try one more time. She went back to Sandra's house...knocked...and Sandra opened the door ready to go. AMAZING! She is so prepared. She is already seeing the Holy Ghost guide her in her life. Gabbie told us that she has not been reading the Book of Mormon as much as she could have this week...we usually get nervous when investigators tell us this, but not with Gabbie. She said that she normally tries to read 15-20 chapters a if that does not make you feel guilty, I dont know what will. her week was so busy that she only got to read about 5 chapters a day.

We attended our Zone Training on Saturday. It is always so good. We have the best leaders in this mission. I never thought that I could ever look up to and learn so much from young men...most of which are 3 years younger than me. The Elders in this mission are honest priesthood holders. They have such a strong testimony, and love for the church. I am so grateful for their hard work. I am also so grateful for them being so willing to use their priesthood. Saturday was really hard for me, so I asked my District leader (Elder West) if he would give me a blessing. I again am so thankful for the priesthood in my life! 

Oh I dont even think that I mentioned that we had a ward activity on friday. The missionaries volunteered to organize a variety show. It was a lot of work, but it turned out so great! We had several less active members come out, and we even had a couple of non members come. it was a great success. The members really appreciated it. 

So we got to watch the World Wide Leadership Broadcast last night. it was so great! I would recommend that every member 
watches it!!  

This week is going to be a great week!!!


Sister Riddle

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