Monday, June 10, 2013

Real Busy...and Transfer News

Hello everyone 

How is your week going? Mine has gone by fast we have had a good week. Nothing much has been happening but just a lot of teaching! Had a ton of lessons this week and we have given 3 baptismal dates for some time in the next month or so. Most of the people we give baptismal dates to are member referrals not people we find on our own. In fact we had 3 baptisms yesterday and all 3 were referrals. But, still members don't understand the impact they can have on the missionary work. 

On Saturday we got our transfer news...and ... I am staying in Buokrom. but, I am getting a new companion his name is Elder Helgasen (not sure on the spelling) he is from some place in the USA, I dont know where, and he just finished his training so he is still excited about missionary work and I am excited to be with him.  The funny thing about this transfer is that my companion, Elder Sharma is going to my home town - my first area - Fiapre and there he will finish his mission. So its great!  Also one of the other Elders in our apartment is training, so I am excited to see who he trains.  

Well, I dont want to tell you all of my stories by email so I am going to write you guys some letters this evening and send them tomorrow. 

Well thats about it from me, I hope you all are having a good day and I hope you have a great week. Love you all!
From Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle 

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